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Just a little handy cheat sheet for you, next time your trying to find the right back or hook for your next earring project. Wires, hooks, and lever backs are for a dangly drop earrings, with the different types dependung on your taste and how secure you want the earring to be. While there are so many retailers for jewelry findings (like Beadaholique, Fire Mountain Gems, and Rio Grande, just for starters) I've linked to where you can buy these different types of earring backs on Amazon for simplicity's sake.

Cup post backs and flat post backs would require glue or some other adhesive method and are perfect for making stud earrings. You are welcome to share Thanks, I Made It content on your site so long as you use no more than two images and the content is attributed to Thanks, I Made It in both writing and with a link back to the original post.

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