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Okay, so what could happen on my watch?  I could tell you about all the things that seem to happen when I am in charge, but you might think my kids need someone else watching them.  I am sure this stuff happens to all parents. I cleaned her ear and pushed on the back again, and I saw something come thru.  It was like some kind of skin. Well all we can say is you are just great, and thank God everything turned out okay or you may never be left home alone again.

So, Since I shaved my head last week for the first time, I decided to wear both earrings for the first time in 12+ years. Just goes to show what a great Dad you really are, now if you can do that good making signs you got it made. I really like the look of them -- especially with a sly head.The piercing got infected and I let the hole close up, but now I wish I had maintained it.

Show them that their dreams can have no limits and in turn their accomplishments can be limitless.

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