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Jewelry Making Journalfree jewelry tutorials, plus a friendly community sharing creative ideas for making and selling jewelry.
Hosting a jewelry open house for my work was a great way to invite some needed feedback from my demographic. It was a great way to seek out an honest critique not only of my work but also of my presentation and packaging – a critical step before launching my jewelry into shops and boutiques. However, this grand open house had to look grand without the expense – a great opportunity to get creative! In order to save money and stretch my dollar, I sent email invitations using my logo and information to practically everyone I knew who would be interested. The only item I paid to have printed was the business cards which I had designed myself using Photoshop and uploaded to an online printing company who had offered me a coupon, so I only paid $10 for 100 cards.
I sought out my local dollar stores and bulk warehouses for fabric table cloths, flowers, and paper goods. I used my platters, bowls, cake stands and a cork board to hold the flowers and some other jewelry items. The event went really well, my friend’s chocolates were tasty and gorgeous, and the crowd and profit offered more than I expected.
I really felt successful, and hosting my own jewelry open house has given me the ideas I needed to move towards the next great leap. Author Shannon Orr’s JM Studio Solutions has evolved into a multi-faceted company, offering a fresh perspective to already existing spaces and materials.
I’d say this experience was equal to higher education coursework when it comes to learning, producing, and networking.

Might be that your church might have a room that you could rent inexpensively to do your show. Get every strategy and secret I've learned from years of selling my handmade jewelry at shows. Copyright © 2003-2016, Rena Klingenberg (or guest author named in article byline), and may not be reproduced without author's permission.
I didn't have pieces of leather long enough to recreate the earrings exactly, but I still really like the way the earrings turned out. This photo is dark, but in this step you thread another strip of leather onto the wire and use the leather to wrap around all six pieces of leather. After the glue dries, wrap the wire atop the tassel, creating a loop which you'll fasten your earring hooks to. This Beaded Halloween Bat Earrings was created using black and red Japanese seed beads, adopting the technique of Peyote stitch. I borrowed tables and fabric from friends, used my own collection of vintage milk glass and frames, for both holding flowers and displaying my jewelry. I clipped the chandelier up, pushed the table to one side, set up my borrowed tables and covered them with my dollar store table cloth finds.
To top it off I lit it all with vintage lamps left in the basement from the previous home owner that I had cleaned. The general feeling was incredibly positive and excited to see the direction my creative ventures are taking me. I have done two such parties in my home and it is truly a stressless way to get that feedback we are all looking for.

I would have to find another location to use because we live so far out in the woods I am afraid no one would come.
It would afford some of your friends and also some of those who you do not know, a venue closer to them or at least one that they can more easily find than your home. They're made by Seattle artisan Daly Bird and I decided to recreate them with leather scraps I had left over from making this Anthropologie rip-off necklace. Then wrap the remainder of wire tightly around the tassel, tucking the end piece beneath the loops of wire.
Amerigoldinc is a fine jewelry manufacturing company that for over two decades specializes in the making of high-end jewelry in gold and platinum. I also took the time to create my own jewelry price tags and earring cards out of basic office supplies and a little ingenuity.
I also enlisted the help of a friend who is looking into starting her own catering company and was willing to use my party as an experiment for her venture. Through this process I also discovered friends who are photographers, packaging designers, boutique store owners and other great resources for networking that will help me with my next projects! We provide our clients with the finest quality of products by combining traditional craftsmanship with the latest technologies in the jewelry industry. They are rather pricey but you may be able to find one on Craigslist or somewhere cheaper than a retail store.

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