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A homemade earring holder costs about $3 in materials and takes about 1.5 hours to put together (including going out and buying the supplies). Grab a $10 frame at Target, Walmart or spend even less at a thrift store and turn your child’s best artwork into a sentimental gift for family and friends. A memory jar is an easy to make sentimental gift that really allows you to show how much you are about a friend or relative. A friend named Maggie shared another great idea for making about 25homemade gifts for less than $100.
Increase usually means good news, increase means more of a particular thing but when that increase is happening in areas like food prices, unemployment, fuel charges, plane tickets and almost everything else under the sun you may find yourself financially strapped. Double Wamey is an agency committed to providing a happy medium to both businesses and consumers which means that they liaise with organisations to get the public great deals, offers and promotions on almost anything and everything! What makes Double Wamey a real asset in this current economic climate, is it’s ability to negotiate offers worth taking advantage of as opposed to things like a negligible 5% off! Although it may sound rude to brush off a discount offer having only just complained about price increases, but most people find it too much of a hassle to bother with small promotions such as 5% off, free glass of wine etc.

So Double Wamey make sure that the deals they offer are of genuine interest such as 2 For 1, Buy 1 Get 1 Free, 50% Off and many more.
Alternatively you can subscribe to their blog to keep up with all the latest industry news or follow them on Twitter to save money in real time! We believe in getting great deals every day because when you do the math, the little purchases – lunch out, a new top, a tank of gas – really add up. I didn’t start out to make this, but when I went to buy a few bags of colorful plastic eggs to make something else, I was sad to see that every store I went to, the eggs all had two holes in the top and bottom. The holes do make them easier to hang or thread to make a garland, but if you used only one hole, the egg would hang on an angle or not line up perfectly in a garland since the holes are off center. Can you think of other places to attach an Easter egg or two in your house for Easter this year?
Write down a few of your favorite memories of the person on a slip of paper and stash them in a jar. Well, since we enjoy our cocktails at our monthly meetings, I decided to personalize 5 wine glasses.

To attach the eggs to the tablecloth, simply open the end of the wire hoop earring and push it through the cloth, it should go right through.
To keep the project easy to complete, I didn’t take the time to measure the amount of space between each egg. Yep!  So I went to Burbank to a store that actually sells everything you could ever need (and more) to make candles…wax, scents, coloring, jars, wicks, etc. Put end back through ring end and squeeze to close. The thinness of the wire will not damage your tablecloth. Otherwise, I like to wrap a stack of cookies in tissue paper (that I’ve saved from other presents), wrap again with clear plastic and secure with a ribbon. There is definitely a chemistry to it, but everyone there was helpful and I got the materials I needed.

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