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This Beaded wire crochet earrings was created by first stringing on black Japanese glass seed beads onto the wire before crocheting the wire into the shape desired. This Beaded Halloween ghost Earrings was created using silver white, red and black Japanese seed beads, adopting the technique of Peyote stitch. This Beaded Egyptian Earring is created using black and gold glass seed beads, adopting the peyote stitch beading technique.
This simple Beaded Pearl Earring is my very first handmade earrings, made it to match with my retro pearl necklace. Jewelry Making Journalfree jewelry tutorials, plus a friendly community sharing creative ideas for making and selling jewelry.

When Amy wanted a pretty way to store her earrings, she came up with this clever and very cheap earring display idea. First she hunted up a thrift-store picture frame with cardboard insert, a piece of fabric, and some interesting scraps of lace. After that, she mounted the lace-trimmed fabric to the cardboard, using some double-sticky tape to attach the folded-over fabric edges to the back of the cardboard. The lace strips are perfect for hanging nearly any kind of earring, as well as brooches, pins, barrettes and hairpins.
Get every strategy and secret I've learned from years of selling my handmade jewelry at shows.

Copyright © 2003-2016, Rena Klingenberg (or guest author named in article byline), and may not be reproduced without author's permission. I used large pearls and a size 11 seed bead as a stopper, the pearl's hole was too wide and the silver pin head was not wide enough and went through the pearl's hole.
Your idea is a good one since it can highlight different earring types and colors with the differing colors of lace.

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