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A rather chilly relationship: It's a picture that spoke volumes about the frostiness between Kate and Fergie's girls. Simple: Sam wore a plain black suit with a black and white-checked shirt, complete with sockless shoes - one of his more signature styles Finally, something festive! So in a few hours mother and son will go door to door asking for donations in the neighboring Oa€™odham village, about 60 miles south of Nogales. For thousands of years, the Tohono Oa€™odham (meaning a€?Desert Peoplea€?) inhabited what is today southern Arizona and the northern state of Sonora in Mexico. But less attention is paid to the grave impact the same border has on Oa€™odham in Mexico, whoa€™ve become second-class citizens within their own tribe. The Tohono Oa€™odham Nation (pronounced TOHN-oh AUTH-um) is a sovereign government and federally recognized Indian nation that claims 25,000 members. Estimates vary on how many Tohono Oa€™odham live in Mexico, and the tribal government refused to comment on the topic. When the border fence was erected a€” to this day just concrete vehicle barriers connected by chicken wire a€” it didna€™t stop Oa€™odham from crossing between the countries. Members of the Tohono Oa€™odham once crossed the international border that divided their land with ease.
The Southwest Border Strategy, which was implemented beginning in the early 1990s, was a a€?prevention through deterrencea€? approach to illegal immigration.
However, they underestimated the resolve a€” and desperation a€” of migrants in search of economic opportunities.
According to the Tohono Oa€™odham Nationa€™s Resolution 98-063, passed in 1998, a€?enforcement of U.S. Many Oa€™odham in Mexico do not have the proper documentation now required to cross legally, whether birth certificates (lacking due to home births) or tribal IDs (because they lack the paperwork or witnesses required for enrollment). Plus, with the Sonoran desert being used as a backyard for criminal organizations, Oa€™odham families in the U.S. But for Garcia, the issue facing Oa€™odham in Mexico is not just access to resources but representation.

Even among those Oa€™odham in Mexico who are officially enrolled in the Nation, very few are registered to one of the 12 districts on the reservation.
If the tribe would allow it, he said, representation would give Oa€™odham in Mexico a say in the tribal government. Garcia believes ita€™s vital to the economic improvement of Oa€™odham in Mexico as well as their ability to keep their culture and identity intact.
To that end, hea€™s spent the last year traveling from village to village in Sonora, Mexico, teaching Oa€™odham language classes so that Oa€™odham in Mexico dona€™t completely lose touch with their traditions and "him dag,'' or way of life. In 2012, researchers from the Center of Research and Higher Studies in Social Anthropology (CIESAS) classified 143 indigenous languages in Mexico that are facing extinction. While Oa€™odham on both sides of the border have adopted the dominant language (whether English or Spanish), those on the U.S. The reservation for the Tohono Oa€™odham in the United States and an approximation of traditional lands on both sides of the border.
Outside JesA?s Manuela€™s unclea€™s home, eight family members gathered under a tree adorned with rusting horseshoes and other metal tools and trinkets. His bloated chest pressed against his blue jacket as he sat in a wheelchair in front of his unclea€™s modest concrete-block home, one of a handful in this traditional village of the Oa€™odham in the Sonoran desert. The Tohono Oa€™odham Community College website states that about 1,800 enrolled Tohono Oa€™odham reside in Mexico.
These days Garcia, 72, splits his time between Arizona, where he owns La Indita restaurant in downtown Tucson, and Magdalena de Kino in Sonora, Mexico, where he advocates for the Mexican Oa€™odham. 11, 2001, Customs and Border Protection a€” and the Department of Homeland Security it operates under a€” saw it much differently.
But now they struggle with an increasingly militarized boundary with profound effects for both sides.
The goal was to crack down on the flow of migrants (and drugs) at popular urban crossing areas like Tijuanaa€“San Diego and Juareza€“El Paso, and thereby funnel the illicit traffic to the remote, rugged desert, where temperatures reach 110 degrees in summer.
Despite the number of border agents in the Tucson sector skyrocketing from 280 to 1,770 between 1993 and 2004, Tohono Oa€™odham tribal officials estimated that up to 1,500 undocumented migrants per day were crossing through the reservation.

Other areas of Oa€™odham villages have been abandoned, he added, and turned into campsites by criminal organizations. The Oa€™odham language (still called PA?pago in Mexico) falls into the most vulnerable, or a€?critically endangered,a€? group, with only 116 speakers. Their desert landscape and wildlife get clobbered by migrants, traffickers and federal law enforcement. According to the 2000 national census and subsequent report by Mexicoa€™s National Commission for the Development of Indigenous Peoples, 363 Oa€™odham were living in Sonora, Mexico.
This means that even though the tribe includes its Mexican members in the annual count that determines federal funds, those funds get divvied up between the districts and dona€™t reach the Oa€™odham in Mexico. She chose a song in A±iok thata€™s been passed down through the generations and was taught to her by a now-deceased elder. Her son was born with spina bifida, she explained, and a chronic kidney infection has complicated his condition. They return home to find cars stolen, houses ransacked by desperate migrants a€” migrants who far too often dona€™t survive the desert elements.
However, that tally included only families in which someone in the household spoke the Oa€™odham language, A±iok, which has been almost entirely replaced by Spanish. Lisa Snowdon delivers a repeat red carpet performance - with a more stylish look Looking good: With the exception of a lacking jacket, the 42 year-old star was perfectly attired in a pair of sparkly black trousers and vest top She's a LEG-end!
Ita€™s also not uncommon for tribal members to be lured by fast cash into working as coyotes or mules for the Mexican cartels, ending up in jail themselves. Since 2008 hea€™s worked with the Sonoran Oa€™odham, and in his 2010 mastera€™s thesis determined there are only 24 fluent speakers in Mexico. On the shore he dances the i:dahiwan, the cleansing dance, asking for blessings for everyone.

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