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It’s always a lot of fun guessing what everyone will be and then seeing the costumes at the party. I ordered a tight black corset like shirt online that was stretchy so the peacock feathers would stay in the back. Since I was a peacock, Danny stuck to the bird theme and wore an inflatable pink flamingo costume (pink flamingos are also a running joke in our family, so it was a great costume). Sporting a piece fresh off the runway, Aishwarya donned a creation from Sabyasachi’s latest collection showcased at the Lakme Fashion Week.
Originally, the piece had been presented by the designer as a dress however Aishwarya worked it into a traditional outfit by pairing it with a pair of black churidaars and embellished dupatta. Fendi shoes, Maithili Kabre earrings and a Sabyasachi clutch added the right finishing touches to her look. Pairing her dress with a Fendi cuff and Dior pumps, the actress stuck with her signature straight hair and red lip. Wearing Roberto Cavalli, the actress looked svelte as she accepted the award for being the most successful Miss World till date at the year’s Miss World ceremony.
Here's another idea, I'm always looking for unique hair clips to hold my mop out of my face.  This one used the bendy resin technique, then I attached a metal hair clip using E6000 for flexibility. We get a lot of questions about working with resin in bezels (a container or frame), so this is an extensive video that covers working in closed-back bezels, open-back bezels, and also mounting resin pieces in bezels. Here are some of the projects created in this video, I only mixed 2 tablespoon-sized batches to make all of these! You'll need this stuff to make one, plus any findings, chain, cord or pin-back you want to use.

These were made by painting nail polish (or you can use acrylic paint), between cured layers of resin.  It's important to have a clear layer between colors to give them dimension. Resin Color Film - this is the cleanest and easiest way if you're going for transparent color.  Just cut to fit the shape of your mold or resin piece. Dichro-ISH Films - Used with or without a black resin backing, these films add beautiful color and dimension.  Add a sheet, bits and pieces, or a cut-out shape. Powder Pigments, like PearlEx - these take a bit of work to mix in and can make bubbles, so let the mix rest a few minutes, then skim off the top layer before pouring.
Glitter - from fine cut to big and chunky, WE LOVE GLITTER!  You can mix any color in with your resin batch.
Acrylic Paint - between layers of set resin, not mixed in as that can affect cure time and final results.
Nail Polish - as with acrylics, paint between or over layers of set resin, don't mix it in as that can affect cure time and final results. A drop or two of resin is the very best way to create a permanent, waterproof bond, but if you don't have any handy you can also use E6000 or another strong adhesive.
I only had one 12×24 piece of vinyl left (buy vinyl HERE) and I knew I wanted the finish pretty big…so I decided to cut it out by hand so I could make it all fit! About the Author Latest PostsAbout KimboKimbo blogs at A girl and a glue gun--where she puts her hot glue gun to good use (as well as her vinyl cutter and sewing machine) She loves all crafts and is thrifty (the nice way to say she's cheap) So she is constantly trying to come up with fast and easy projects that won't break the bank!
Disclosure of Material Connection: I received products or services that I have mentioned in some of my posts from the companies for free in hopes that I would review and mention the product or services on my blog. I just kind of pieced everything else together – black bike shorts from Wal-Mart, peacock necklace, peacock belt, and blue earring from Forever 21, bright colored make-up, etc.

I think I’ll continue this post with a part II because there’s lots of great costumes to go! Here are some of the featured projects, just look how Brilliant Resin over the paints makes them glow. I knew that the board would be more seen than the other one…and i was waiting for the hooks to dry and the paint was sitting there.
She lives in Idaho with her hot husband and 3 kiddos.Ice cream cone treat with coloring cone wrappers - May 24, 2016Dry erase paint review!
I saw a sneak peek photo (on FB I think) a while back and I was dying to see how it all turned out – so, so great!
I only recommend products or services that I would or have used personally and LOVED and know that my readers would love too.
We always try to get really creative with our costumes and we keep them a secret from each other until the party. I ordered peacock feathers on ebay, and I cut and hot glued them onto a triangular shaped piece of cardboard that I slipped into the back of my shirt.
Then I  peeled off a piece on the top of each letter and stuck it to the well…then slowly peeled the backing off as I attached it to the wall.

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