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Taking care of your piercing is important, and not something that you should take for granted. Some of you might be thinking only ladies need to wear accessories such as jewelleries, belts, handbags to match their outfits, giving them the complete look that they desired. I believe most of you do notice the group of male friends that you hang out with, a few of them definitely wear ear studs or had their ears pierced before.
As mentioned earlier, it has become an accessory such as watch to match the outfit for men.
I had a Sikh campmate who not only wore turban, steel bracelet on his right wrist but also an additional white gold earring on his left ear. Are they for people who don't have large stretched ears (the 18-14 gauge I see them offered in?) or can the be used through eyelets as hanging jewelry for large gauge ears? As for regular earrings or pendants, if they're on an earring wire they can just be worn under eyelets. Jessamine on here sells little hoop like dangly earrings that can be worn through earskins.
I thought about that option but I was wondering how well hangies would work in seconds if you have primaries stretched to 1" or bigger. If your ears are nice and stretchy and can handle double flares, they should easily accommodate the earring wire underneath your eyelet.
Proper care can be difficult due to the location, this makes it more likely to develop an infection that can be very painful and damage tissue in the area. They can explain to you in detail the risks associated with this type of body modification. In order to keep your piercing free from germs, you should wash the area at least 2 times per day with an antiseptic solution. It is common to see guys wearing a diamond earring or silver designed earring on either side of their ears.
Moreover, majority of the Hollywood actors are spotted wearing earrings, even Harrison Ford was seen wearing it on his left ear when promoting his latest Indiana Jones sequel. By wearing all these accessories, they show that you are a detailed person, someone who is meticulous and show plenty of respect for yourself and others.

To my curiosity, I asked him why he was dressed up so traditionally but was spotted with an earring. I would rather wear hangie things through eyelets VS earskins because I think they complete the look better. Lightweight ones can be worn through larger eyelets if the opening gap allows it, heavier ones like the new stone and metal ones from Maya Organic can be used kind of like weights.
I guess the post didn't like my natural ear moisture because by the end of the day, they were mushy and broke.
Seems to me they wouldn't have much room to lay properly and might stick out sideways a bit? Keeping yourself free of infection also means not touching your nose or the jewelry, otherwise you could cause infection as well as tissue damage.
A new era of men called themselves metrosexual, who are highly sensitive to the way they look or present themselves.
If you do notice carefully enough, majority of them only have one side of their ears pierced, which is the left side. I am not so sure about the history of who started all this but what I do know was the African Americans were first spotted wearing it, especially the hip-hop culture showing off their bling-blings back in the 1980s.
I've never had them fall out on me, but if you're worried you can get those little tubes of clear plastic that you stick on the end of the wire.
This means you are limited to certain areas of the board and there are some features you can't use. They also have been collecting earrings either diamond, silver or white gold to match their outfits for different occasions. I don’t really know what it means to pierce on the left side but from what I heard from, it means straight men pierce their ears on the left.
If you could remember MC Hammer the famous rap singer back then and Will Smith in Fresh prince of Bel-air.
Personally, I would choose a small diamond stud as it gives you the detail and classy look.
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You may ask nowadays why men are so vain to wear ladies’ accessories in particularly earrings. Furthermore, choose an earring that suits your face, overly large bling-blings may cause people to overlook your facial features. Then, in the early 21st century the most famous iconic man in the world, David Beckham was spotted wearing earrings in fashion photoshoots.
Choose wisely and I will be posting an article hopefully with pictures soon when I get it done.
I do not know how true it is because none of my close friends are homosexual as of what I know. Thus, I take his words and make religion as another possible reason for men to wear earrings. However, in my opinion, wearing earrings on both sides of your ears is definitely a no-no for guys.
It started a whole new fashion statement for men wearing earrings in particular big diamond earrings. The African Americans still continue this trend of showing off their bling-blings but making it trendier and wearing bigger diamond earrings. Therefore, I would strongly recommend wearing the ear stud on the left side of the ear since rumours said that it means you are straight. I just watched the 2008 NBA finals LA Lakers versus Boston Celtics, which is a game dominated by African Americans.
Not to my surprise, majority of the African Americans are still spotted wearing earrings in particularly the big bling-bling ones.

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