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You know, those Gold and Diamond things you put in your Ears that you Forget about for 8 Months?
I can’t tell you how many times a Customer will take off their Earrings and hand them to me with Big, Chunks of Earring Goop, Gunk, Whatever you want to call it, Stuck to the Ends of the Posts! Some Earrings get so Bad that the little Holes in the Earring Backs get Filled up with Junk as well. I know, I know, that’s the whole reason you’re here in the Jewelry Store, to get them Cleaned!
Earrings get Hair Sprays and Perfumes on them, Soaps and Shampoo, it’s a natural part of Life.

Take some Jewelry Cleaner Solution (or a little Ammonia and Warm Water) and an old Tooth Brush and Gently Dab at them. Keeping your Earrings Clean not only makes your Diamonds look Brand New again and Sparkle like the day you bought them, but it also Keeps your Posts from Tarnishing, Staining, turning Dark or Black and getting Brittle or Weak! Surgical stainless steel earring posts with a 10 mm glue pad that measures 10.4 mm in length.
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