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Let me give you a little background…I got my ears pierced when I was about 9 or 10 years old. I could not believe the difference between the first time and the second time wearing my owl earrings! I react the same way around my neck and on my fingers and wrists if I try wearing anything that isn’t sterling silver. I may try the polish on the back of some pendants that I’ve been unable to wear as well. I got my ears pierced not too long ago and had to keep those studs in for 8 weeks for them to completely heal. One wardrobe item that I don’t leave the house without (besides all the obvious girly gear that this Mom of 3 cannot go without), are earrings!
These plated hooks do not bother my ears at all, and I have very sensitive ears (the kind that seem to only withstand gold earrings), and these hooks work for me!
But I’m sharing anyway, because for me, sometimes the most obvious things just aren’t that obvious! Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer… From Dream To Reality last week!!!

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I have tried for years to find a sensitive ear solution that would allow me to wear any cute pair of earrings that I wanted.
I never had a problem with my ears until I tried to wear something other than the earrings that I got from the Jewelry sore where I got my ears pierced.
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Although I don’t wear any fancy earrings, I am sensitive to almost every kind of jewelery.
I have several pretty watches and bracelets that I have used clear nail polish on also, it really works. I may go get my ears pierced again now that I know there is a way I can wear any type of cute earrings I want to. I have been coating the backs of all of my jewelry since 1978 when I first got my ears pierced!
They are a company I have been buying jewelry from for many, many years and I have never had any allergic reactions with their products.

I have a nickel allergy and literally just pulled my Avon (cheap… er, inexpensive) funky earrings out for this exact reason!
It never failed that within a matter of hours of putting my earrings in, they were a swollen and sore mess!
I was so happy that I had gotten them, because I knew that this would be the ultimate test for our nail polish sensitive ear solution. I also don’t use any nail polish on their products either because it isn’t needed! If I wear non gold or silver earrings, I can only wear them for a short time before they really bother me. They would make a fortune – especially if they sold special packages of earrings with the nail polish included!

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