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A few weekends ago, I knocked out several projects I had been meaning to work on for my room but just hadn’t gotten around to completing yet. I wanted to display my jewelry in my room somehow {not just set it on my dresser like I did in my other room}. I made a chicken wire frame before to use for a potential craft show {which I’ve yet to use} and almost used it for my jewelry {but would have painted it a different color}. Haha yes…they are from a dear friend of mine You should make one on your own for sure! And whether you’re looking for an awesome bracelet or wondering how to do a chocolate fruit dessert, FabDiy is the perfect place to find the answers!

For the past few months all my jewelry has been in Ziploc baggies sitting in the same box I had packed it in when I moved.
But, I really loved the dark wood and character this frame had and thought it would look better against my white walls. All materials unless otherwise noticed were taken from internet and are assumed to be in public domain.
I was tired of rummaging through it all to find earrings to wear each morning so it was time  to figure out what I wanted to do.
Whether it’s an inspirational story or pretty interiors, my desire is for this to be a place you can come to on a daily basis and leave feeling inspired in some way.

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