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Barb Feldman from Toronto has created beautiful earrings in the shapes of tiny iPhone 3G and Blackberry. Real 16-pin computer chips are mounted on sterling silver posts to create two pairs of earrings suited for that elegant lady geek in your family.
Superwoman logos hang from bright sterling silver chain and sterling silver french earwires. LOVE the Pacman ghost earrings, the powerbook buttons, and the zippers… but those modified iPod earphones are just weird looking. Ideal Displays offers complete jewelry displays for rings, bangles, earrings, watches, bracelets, necklaces and more to enhance your jewelry. We have many years of experience and reputation on manufacturing quality jewelry display available in every style and budget. Visual Merchandising Tips and Display Inspirations for Retailers, Designers and Merchandisers: Stay Display Inspired! In a made-to-measure men’s suit store, you expect to choose between single or double breasted, two buttons or three, pleated or flat front, buttons or cuff-links,  but at My Suit in New York City, you can choose the vest as shown on the orange or on the blue mannequin. Flowers, fruits and vegetables bring life to clear glass vases, bowls, cylinders, pitchers and other glass vessels whether they are part of your product mix or used as display props to enhance other merchandise.
The Painted Door in Oklahoma City shows a little whimsy in this display of bracelets and watches.
The Retail Details blog celebrates unique store displays and visual merchandising examples.
Salisbury Gifts in Easton, MD, features a blue and white, crab-themed stoneware set by adding touches of red and blue using a few carefully placed candles and a red based sailboat prop. Dedricks Pharmacy and Gifts invites you to step inside their gift area stocked with jewelry, housewares, collectibles, gourmet products and candles.
As retailers enter the trade show season, I continue to remind you that some of the best visual merchandising ideas can be spotted at the wholesale showrooms during markets. Parkleigh in Rochester, NY, is one of the oldest sellers of the Mackenzie-Childs whimsical glassware and home accessories line.
Awaiting delivery of some new jewelry, Heidi at Hi Ho Home decided to prepare an old china cabinet to be her jewelry display. Sassy Peacock in Toronto uses a clear, brandy snifter to merchandise some pendants on a glass shelf in their store. 3 Wishes Cards and Gifts in Alameda, CA, drapes their Scrabble pendant necklaces from a low, round, green vase. Next week, I will be covering the Dallas Total Home & Gift show for the Retail Details blog. You can submit your store display pictures for blog consideration to the email address below. I was unsure whether this was a headboard or a fence part, so Ashley from Frocks Boutique in Addison, TX, clarified for me. Revolution Shop in Charlotte NC, created a cork-board display wall that combines product pictures and actual merchandise creating a trend wall, of sorts. Speaking of chalkboards… what a great display tool these removable chalkboard stickers can be.

Bundle Children’s Store in New York City had chalkboards built into their cashwrap desk, a frequently overlooked selling space. I have received much feedback about two recent blog topics – denim display dilemmas and unique display hooks. Flavour Clothing of Nashville and Thread Boutique use the alphabet letter hooks to feature belts and jewelry in their stores. Continuing with my hook obsession, Sofia Vintage in Chicago, Illinois combines utility with branding by using these alphabet letter hooks.
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We supply all products from well known and large established businesses to small businesses with 100% satisfaction guarantee. We pride ourselves on our high level of products quality and efficient customera€™s service.
Our experienced staff will work with you personally to answer your questions and help you to get the right product! It’s such a simple way to create texture and height in a display and I like that they are used vertically and horizontally. Besides, why display on two arms, when you can use eight?  This is a fun example of a full-round display, as well. I hope you will consider entering the current Retail Details New Year Store Display Contest  sponsored by Midwest CBK, Gully’s Discount Store Fixtures, Country Business Magazine, and The Display Lab.
It is written for retailers, showrooms and merchandisers to inspire effective store displays, better utilize display space and increase sales. They offer a mixture of traditional, cottage and primitive furnishings and home decor items. In this 4th of July display, it’s a country theme, complete with country colored stars and a teddy bear.
The colorful glass tomatoes, oranges, peppers, lemons, pears and eggplants  are lovely, but it’s the display that sets these items apart from the other gifts, home accents and garden decor in the shop. In this store display, they suspended a tilted floral pitcher above a table setting and used ribbons to represent the liquid pouring from the spout. In keeping with her store theme of mixing old and new, she used old bottles, tattered books and stark white busts to hang the new jewels on.
Their product mix includes many one of a kind items that are produced by artisans locally and from around the globe. Pictured here, you see a colored wine glass displaying a single pair of earrings at Sirens and Sailors in Echo Park, CA.  The earrings are neutral in color, so they stand out against the bold color of the glass. Behind the glass, a purple multi-cylinder vase, provides a nice contrast for the matching earrings. I will also have the pleasure of joining several retailers to assist them in purchasing props and displays for their stores.
They come in many laser cut shapes like a TV, a drum set and a rocket, as well as a traditional framed version and the dress-maker’s form, as shown here. Mint Julep in New York displays jeans on single display hooks with additional stock neatly stacked on shelves, off to one side.

They are the perfect size to draw attention without minimizing the merchandise – in this case, purses. Pictured here, the containers almost disappear while featuring the jewelry in a very dimensional way.
Use fresh if you are able to monitor and change the display frequently or you can use paraffin oil to preserve the items if you are displaying them submerged. I especially appreciate the way the watch bands are featured more prominently as they are positioned around the posts. It’s not a display rule, but it is an effective technique as shown at Brussels Sprouts Kids in Newton, MA.
In this 4th of July display, they placed dalmations and a picket fence to add more white contrast to the red, white and blue flag display table. To spotlight clear glass domes, the Global Views Showroom merchandisers chose to fill them with cheese puffs.
This is an excellent example of how to get your customers’ attention, drawing them to a specific area of your store. She placed them precisely on each shelf of the cabinet. I frequently check the blog, website and facebook albums for Hi Ho Home, as she creates many inspiring displays within the numerous rooms of this two-story home market and antique center in Gardiner, NY.
The placement of a Scrabble letter rack in front, provides information and interest, as the customers can clearly see that the pendants are made from the game pieces.
Made of coated iron with a distressed patina finish, Nest uses these hands for a wall display of handbags. You continue to send in worthy displays and I will share as many as the topics, space and time allow. I’m not sure if the flag table runner is a prop or for sale (or both), but it is a nice piece to have for holiday displays and year-round for Americana merchandise. Displayed simply this way, the earrings stand out and the product display fits nicely with the branding of the shop.
They collapse for easy storage and are simple in shape, so they do not distract from your merchandise.
Leave your comments below, including suggestions for future retail display blog topics, questions and merchandising challenges. Pictured here, Sabella Couture, in Boston, combines paper lanterns with oversized flowers to create this wedding window.
Framed and placed beside the products, the glossy page explains the craftsmanship and materials that make the product unique.
Note that the center form is taller. Note how the outerwear, both in black, bookends the display story. This is similar to the prior blog discussion about showing magazine pages with your merchandise featured (from Retail Details 1-10-10 blog).

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