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CollegeChecklist Shop With An Expert Make an appointment with one of our college experts to get campus ready. There are so many cute diys out there for earring storage, but most of them seem to be for the dangly variety. I am not big on making permanent changes to things, since I'm constantly changing my mind, so this DIY is completely removable if you don't want it in your jewelry box forever.

Next, put some hot glue along the length of the pencil and glue it to the edge of your felt. I've tried a couple different things for my stud earrings (cork boards, picture frames, ribbon, and even this complex thing I made out of cardboard and foam core), but none of them have worked perfectly. You will have to play around with the length of the felt depending on the size of your drawer.
We will provide the best service we can do, cause the feedback and is what we are striving for. Finally the other day I came up with something so stupidly simple that I can't believe I didn't think of it before.

For mine, the craft felt I used was pretty thin, so the length ended up being almost 8 inches. Also, since I'm sure I'm far from the first person to think of this I don't know why I didn't come across it while I was scouring the internet for diy earring storage. As I write this, I have about 150, or so, pairs of earrings (most were made by me) and they are all hanging on a mesh wire lamp shade that I put together.

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