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I hope that you have chosen an earring holder that you will make it for yourself or it could be a sweet gift for your dear friend. This entry was posted in Just For Fun and tagged diy earring holder, earring Holders, earring storage, earring storage ideas.
Finding storage is never an easy problem to solve, no matter if you have a big or small apartment. These pretty and colorful china cups and saucers definitely brighten up your drawer and act as fabulous organizer for your jewelries. Maybe I have mentioned this a few times but when you are living in a small place, the best way to save space is to mount everything on the wall!
The door always offer that little extra space for hanging clothes, towels, and in this case jewelries. Here is a cheap and easy way to organize all of your earrings on a string, for a nice display and easy access.
Women and jewellery go hand in hand, and most of the time the chains, dangling and other jewels get tangled, which takes time to separate before you can wear them. This is a very easy and ready to make jewellery storage with a material that is already available in your kitchen. You must’ve used these kind of hooks usually for hanging your clothes in your closet room or in your laundry room, but did you know that these hooks can be much helpful in keeping your chains beautifully organized without getting tangled or into knots.
Decorative photo frames are used not only to adorn the photos but you can also make use of them to decorate the jewellery storage. A photo frame with string or wires attached to it in rows will help you hang the hooked earrings. Wine bottles can be reused for various purposes and this one is something different as you can use them to store bangles, bracelets and watches.
Have you got the same frustrating moment that you have lots of earrings around your bedroom but it takes a long time to find your favorite earring in a hurry?
All these earring holders are cheap and you will need materials like mirror, CDs, wooden, sponge, paper box, hanger, etc.

Please, upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site. This DIY picture frame is not only a strikingly stylish way to fill a blank wall but is also fabulous for storing your jewelries. Besides it’s also easy to pick out your jewelries from a cake stand than from a rack. If I could create this jewelry bust statue holder, I would show it off to all of my guests by placing it in the middle of the living room! So if you already feel inspired by this project, head there to get more clues on how to make this simple but effective organizer. If you’re anything like me, though, finding the right jewelry to match your outfit can be really difficult if it is disorganized. This blog will give you ideas about how creatively and beautifully you can create your own jewellery storage to neatly organize them for easier access. Make use of a cheese grater to hang the beautiful dangling where they will stay in place and you needn’t spend time in finding it’s pair. It is very simple, as you will just need to hang them into the holes of the laced material. Tie the twig with a ribbon or string on both ends and hang them on the wall, now you can attach the chains to the twig, not only will they look pretty decorative but very useful and cheap way to store jewellery too. They will look very colorful and amazingly stunning and this framed earring holder can be placed on a table with a flower vase near it to add more elegance and decor.
If you are planning to make a jeweled earring holder as a gift, choose some jewelry making supplies like pearl beads, glass beads, rhinestones, buttons or even broken jewelry to decorate it.
When you put all of your earrings as above ways, all your favorite earrings will be visible and easy to choose. Head over to Mona Luna to see her DIY tutorial to make this beautiful jewelry storage idea come true! If you don’t want to hang it on the wall like in the below picture, a nice mason jar or a stylish vase can always hold your jewel tree.

Kate from Design Sponge is kind enough to show us a great tutorial on how to make this beautiful bust statue from a piece of wood. Lucky for you (and for me!), there are some really great ideas out there for DIY jewelry organizers! This can be place on a table in your living room or anywhere to make it look very beautiful like a jewel fountain. As you all know, I’m always here to show you some inspirations, ideas and solutions to make you a happier and easier life.
There are many different creative ways in which you can display and quick reorganize your earrings, right? If you have a really big collection of jewelries, consider buying an armoire with an antiqued look for them. Here are 11 fun, creative, and stylish ideas for organizing your jewelry.DIY Jewelry TreesFeeling like bringing a little bit of nature indoors?
So today I have a wonderful collection for you called 10 Earring Holders – Earring Storage Ideas, which will well-solved yours and mine problems. Personally, the six one is my most favor idea and I will have a try in my leisure time as soon as possible. With this in mind, let’s check out these 10 stylish and creative jewelry storage ideas for inspirations! Taking the idea of a jewelry tree literally, both My So Called Crafty Life and Sincerely Yours made gorgeous jewelry trees from sticks they found in their own backyards! Slap on a little spray paint and some sort of base and you have yourself an inexpensive (or even free if you use leftover materials from around your home) jewelery organizer that certainly makes a beautiful statement.DIY Pegboard Jewelry OrganizersOur next two ideas by The 36th Avenue and Say Yes To Hoboken definitely prove that pegboards are not just for basements, garages, and workshops. With a coat of paint and a DIY wood frame, these pegboard jewelry organizers are an attractive, fun addition to a bedroom or dressing area!

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