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Nannette Hammond, 42, has spent nearly $500,000 on plastic surgery to transform herself into an exact replica of the famously urealistic body porpotions of the Barbie doll.
Not sure if she fell asleep or passed out, but either way, this lady can sleep like a rock. This video montage will put a big smile on your face and give you a healthy dose of the feels.
A police officer in Illinois pulled a car over for speeding, and found one of the car's occupants, Steven Sinnott, recording the incident with his phone. You will laugh so hard when you see this teen freak out in the passenger seat of a Tesla that suddenly started to drive itself.
Emilia Clarke (AKA Daenerys Targaryen) recently spilled all about the Dothraki language, including how it's even won awards! Aside from telling everyone how she prepares for the role (which seems exhausting, I might add) she also recited a little bit of the Hanson classic, “MMMBop” but in Dothraki!
There's no doubt Serena Williams will go down as one of the greatest to ever play the game. A female bear cub was found in the wilderness without a mother, so she was taken in by Four Paws International. This lullaby sung by Lek at the Elephant Nature Park is soothing enough to put anyone to sleep.
I’ve been on an organizing spree and recently spent some time sorting through my jewelry.
Watch as Relativity Sports holds "job interviews" after posting an ad on Craigslist for a temporary assistant job.
According to the dog’s owner, the same bird has been coming back several times a week to pluck the pup’s fur. One video posted on Facebook shows a mother snake giving birth to multiple snakelets, all of which came out of their gooey birth sack slithering, striking, and ready to rock 'n' roll.

The officer told Sinnott to stop recording, and when he didn't, the officer pulled him out of the car and arrested him for disorderly conduct. The chiropractor has agreed not to treat anyone under the age of 18 years old until the investigation is completed. Officials are worried that chiropractors are offering medical advice claiming to be able to treat illnesses like autism, ADHD, ear infections and colic. It turns out that his dad was using the summon feature on the Tesla to make it seem as if the car was driving on its own. Despite some pretty hurtful jabs from both parties, it was Hathaway who ultimately stole the show.
That’s according to Clarke though, who couldn’t really tell the audience which awards—but she swears it’s true! From the sleek and glamorous Billie Holiday to the gothic-chic days of Madonna and of course, queen Beyonce herself — the ever-changing fashion influence of these pop stars is unforgettable. Back at the shelter the bear cub thrived, but since she became so accustomed to humans, she'll never be able to be released back into the wilderness.
A fawn was found trapped inside the wood, and the logger got right to work, moving brush away until a path was cleared for the fawn to escape.
I had an earring holder than I made from a frame and some screen, but it hasn’t gotten a lot of use. I used two push pins, stuck in the wall (they make pretty small holes) for the dowels to rest on.
It takes very little time for the applicants to realize they may be in way over their head. We assume the crafty creature is using the fur to make a cozy nest—but why doesn’t the dog care? You may not know what to make of it at first, but that's what makes this particular rendition of the classic rap hit so interesting. That's what the people over at KeepItBasic tried out, and it looks like it worked out pretty well.

So they decided that when baby Finley finally came into their lives, the perfect way to surprise their families with the news was by just showing up as a family.
Sinnott claims he was merely standing up for his rights, and filed a complaint with the police department. The chick was wearing braces to help correct splayed legs syndrome and it has made great progress. I used a large embroidery needle to make the holes, and put the labels on top of a cork trivet so the needle wasn’t poking through and damaging anything.
When I want to pack earrings, I can just slide the labels off the dowels and pack the earrings that way.
According to YouTube user Sarah and the Wolves, it was very apparent at the time of her rescue that she had been bred in captivity. Then I tied the string on the label with a knot near the end, and I hung the labels on the dowel rod stick thing.
Just ask  Laura-Jane Fyfe and her friends, who took a dip underwater off the coast of Hawaii, and lit up the night with UV lights. They swam alongside a school of feeding manta rays, who looked stunning under the black light.
Watch to see how this brave young man handles the mishap at what appears to be his local mall?

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