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Free delivery via Global Express by UPS, DHL, EMS or TNT to USA, UK, AU, CA and other countries. A free appraisal certificate stands so firmly behind each piece of pearl jewelry from Pearl Hours.
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This 3 row diamond chandelier earring holds 26 half carat marquise diamonds creating a distinctive "waterfall" effect.

Unique clip on earrings, always a must pearl diamond (1.20cttw) jewelry item for elegant women. It certifies that all our pearl products are strictly examined and of 100% authenticity in accordance with the description in the document. With this number, you have 24-hour access to monitor the progress of your pearls as it is in transit to you. Many thanks for your patience in answering all my questions and for helping me track the parcel.

Oval stone at the top encrusted with tiny stones around leading to the pear shaped tear drop dangling with encrusted with stones.

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