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Stick this to a second piece of brown self-adhesive foam so that 1.5cm of the trunk hangs over the edge and cut around the shape. Place the tree foam side up on the back of another piece of sticky foam and trace round it. Remove the backing paper from the other tree and fix the two shapes together so the leaves are enclosed and the base of the trunk can be splayed out to stick to the green coaster. The American Girl Earring Tree has been requested several times so we thought it would be cool to recreate something similar. This is a very simple craft and you might already have everything you need at home to make it!

To get a straight edge with an X-Acto knife, the blade needs to go through the foam board completely when cutting. However, if you plan on doing more and more foam board projects (because we have many more coming your way) I highly recommend getting the FoamWerks tools. You can get it alone or it also comes in the Deluxe Kit which has all the FoamWerks tools included.The base needs to be at least two layers of foam board.
My edges are horribly jagged and that is because i first score, then cut through the Styrofoam, then Cut the last layer. It kind of looked col on Lea’s Fruit Stand because it looked like it was carved out of rock.

So can you make stuff she would have in her kitchen like a tart or a little hanger for hanging kitchen utintles.
I just want to make things and have a shout out ?? Samantha February 24, 2016 at 5:50 pm - ReplyHi can you make a doll microphone?

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