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Chicago-based Top designer Donna Hall channels the dark glamour of 1920s Chicago in her latest interior design project featuring KOKET.
Bridal Trends for Spring 2017 Voluptuous and poetic, the weeding dress is always the final look to hit the runway in a haute couture show. While earlier long bold necklaces were chic, designers have swapped for necklaces closer to the neck. Jewels, metal, gold and tribal were all elements designers toyed with on the runways, plus the 90s chocker comeback! Alexander McQueen presented a silver leaf hand bracelet which resembles a jewelry version of a lace glove.

Versace models really showed off the bold cuff bracelet sporting a dangling medallion cuff.
Nina Ricci took the multiple ring look to a new level by showing a stone ring on every finger in a dark neutral palette. When fashion comes to mind, in each TOP 10 Fashion masterminds searchs, McQueen and Vuitton will pops up! The runway models also show off the latest styles for jewelry and accessories and thanks to Vogue, we know what they are. This year it was popular on the catwalk to wear one extravagant earing instead of two more subtle ones.

Like the necklaces, jewels were used for bangle or cuff bracelets, some with a more modern look.
Most of these jewelry trends will be seen in Milan Streets ?? Thank you for the heads up ByKoket !

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