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We have already talked about accessory trends where labels and designer houses represented some noteworthy pieces for 2014 fall. Single earring is not an innovation is fashion but for 2015 fall designers offer to go for massive jewelry.
If you are looking for more dramatic look you should definitely choose crystal chokers that can be worn on special occasions.
For 2015 fall designers presented multiple rigs trend where big rings are worn on four fingers. The list included some jewelry designs but let’s discuss the best jewelry trends for 2015 fall.
Celine Fall Winter 2015-2016 CollectionIf you want to be more subtle, try a long earring instead of a big one.

If you are not wearing any other pieces of jewelry, it’s safe to try bold bright colors that contrast your outfit. Isabel Marant Fall Winter 2015-2016 CollectionIf you are wearing other pieces of jewelry, like a necklace, the safest bet is to wear them in matching colors.
Balmain Fall Winter 2015-2016 CollectionDare to add more drama to your look and show off your face? Mismatched Earrings at Dior Cruise Fall 2015 Collection Nina Ricci Summer 2015 collectionIf both the earrings are colored, the safest way is for them to be the same color.
Mix n Match Earring Trend at Loewe Fall 2015Or use one common color between the two earrings.
Nina Ricci Summer 2015 collectionOr pair your large earring with a matching earcuff, like Gigi here!!

I also love how she has thrown in a matching chain necklace with what looks like her name in the pendant. Gigi Hadid for Seafolly Spring Summer 2016 swim collectionSo will you be wearing this awesome single earring trend this season?

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