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Johannes Vermeer's Girl With a Pearl Earring is easy to fall in love with a€” she's young, dewy, beautiful (Scarlett Johansson played her in the 2003 movie about the painting), and she looks right at you. Vermeer's Girl With a Pearl Earring is also showing on the West Coast, at the de Young Fine Arts Museum in San Francisco, until June 2. The Allure Of 'Woman In Blue' Woman in Blue could be Girl With a Pearl Earring's slightly older aunt a€” less innocent, more serious.
Peter Webber exhibits unique skill in his feature film debut thanks to an excellent cast and the beautiful camerawork of Eduardo Serra.
When Peter Webber first began reading Olivia Hetreed's script Girl with a Pearl Earring based on Tracy Chevalier's novel of the same name, he did not think it was the kind of film he wanted to make as his first feature. But the 17th-century Dutch master's Woman in Blue Reading a Letter is different a€” her face is shadowed and she stands in profile, totally absorbed in her letter. Though Vermeer was awfully good at creating instant, if enigmatic, messages; you "get" the scene quickly. He admits that he is not a fan of the kind of polite Masterpiece Theatre period costume dramas that play on the BBC.
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But as Webber got further into the script, he realized the layers to the story ran much deeper. There was a deep-seated and very sexual relationship between Vermeer and his young servant subject Griet. This was a story with a very intricate, layered texture that could not be viewed at face value alone.

Vermeer's Woman in Blue, meanwhile, wears a short, full-cut blue jacket with a lustrous sheen that could be satin. The painter used different shades of blue to contour the jacket, which is pale and almost neon in front as she faces a window, and darkly shadowed in back. And I think even after 350 years it still has these same kind of artistic qualities and power to involve us and make us part of the story." But Vermeer is only telling a bit of the story.
She is fascinated by the work of Vermeer but must keep herself at a distance because of her own social standing. At first, he uses her as a sort of stand-in for a painting he is creating portraying a woman standing and working by a window. They both must keep these sessions secret because this type of behavior would be deemed wholly inappropriate by society.
It's all very alluring." Vermeer's Instant, Enigmatic Message The Getty's website is inviting visitors to imagine the letter's first line. Given how intent the woman looks, along with those parted lips, it just might be a love letter, penned in a distant place a€” at sea, maybe a€” and carefully composed. He ultimately uses Griet as the subject for his new piece, which would come to be titled "Girl with a Pearl Earring." Vermeer's wife, Catharina (Essie Davis), soon becomes suspicious of the situation and wants this servant girl taken out of her house.
Meanwhile, Griet is fending off advances from the sleazy Van Ruijven (Tom Wilkinson), Vermeer's chief patron. He knows what is going on between Griet and Vermeer and plans to use this to his own advantage. Pieter is in love with Griet and, although she comes to care for him, it is clear that her true affection, at least sexually, is for Vermeer.

Picking up a mop and broom and taking on an accent are all mere child's play to her versatility. Since so little is known of the life of Johannes Vermeer, Firth did not have a great deal to base his character on. He took everything he could from the novel and the script as well as from what little is known of Vermeer's life. With his long hair and his threatening and sexual looks, Firth plays off Johansson's appeal with lustful looks and dark eyes. Rays of light beam through windows and across the shots of the town's market, bringing 17th century Holland to life.
It looks so natural, it is hard to believe Serra didn't force Webber to wait until the sun was in the correct position before rolling film. He was an art major in college and his love of art and, in particular, the work of Vermeer, comes across very clearly on film.
This film could have easily been very dull and tedious but, instead, it is rife with a deeply rooted sexual tension and two very three-dimensional and fascinating characters in Griet and Vermeer. At times the pacing feels a little off, and the film may have benefited from a few nips here and there.
His skill and knowledge of art history, along with the mind-blowing camerawork of Serra, combine to make Girl with a Pearl Earring so much more than the simple work of historical fiction it could have become.

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