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As an indispensable part of a woman’s wardrobe, these charming seed bead fringe earrings are undoubtedly your best choice to an evening party. First, trim off the copper wire to about the length of 12cm, and bend the wire to form a circle and then thread 28 seed beads onto the wire and loop both ends with jewelry pliers. Second, slide one seed bead onto an eyepin and trim off the extra part with a plier and then form a loop at the end.
Third, combine the bead links together as what the picture shows, namely a four-bead links, two three-bead links, 2 two-bead links with two one-bead links. Fourth, bind the five-bead dangle to the middle of the loop, and then the other dangles at both sides in the following order.

Fifth, attach the end of the circle with a jumpring, and then attach an earring hook the jumpring. This entry was posted in Jewelry Making Tutorial and tagged DIY fringe earrings, earring tutorials, fringe earrings, fringe hoop earrings. 1950’s- 1960’s  in very good vintage condition – all beads seem to have been  hand treaded, what a  delightful pair!
The brightness of the seed beads with the golden copper wires together adding an aroma of grace and charm will surely make you stand out glamorously. And then connect each bead dangle to the new bead links to form one five-bead dangle, two four-bead dangles, two three-bead dangles, two two-bead dangles and two one-bead dangle.

If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Then slide one seed bead onto a headpin and repeat the step mentioned above to make eight other dangles as what the picture shows. If you like, this craft can also be adjusted to make other trendy and attractive accessories with just several beads, jewelry findings to transform them into fabulous embellishment for any occasion.

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