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Reviews (0)Product DescriptionThe love of your life doesn’t need any help lighting up the room, as her beauty is always capable of turning heads. Finish your style with these unique Pearl Earrings, gorgeously crafted from open-water Mother-of-Pearls. We are DIRECT IMPORTERS of the most alluring, finest quality and affordable gold, silver and platinum Italian designer jewelry being made in the world today.
This handcrafted pair of Sterling Silver earrings comes in a lovely white coloured eco-friendly presentation box. An exquisite woman deserves a pair of earrings that will make her feel as elegant and lovely as she truly is.

Crafted from 18 carat gold, it features a classy pattern and has an excellent finish as well. Unique and contemporary design makes this European Fashion Jewelry an excellent fit for any casual occasion. We travel to Italy every few months to remain on the forefront of the very latest in jewelry, fashion and style. When she is dressed in her best, these Chased Copper Drop Earrings will have her feeling perfectly polished and sophisticated with their beautiful design. These dramatic curved earrings are chased by hand, giving them an incredible texture that is highly reflective.

A matching Necklace and Bracelet, and a Set of all three pieces are available as single items in other categories on our website. The earrings bear sterling silver french earwires with a gold finish, and the copper is coated to protect against tarnishing. This pair of earrings adds sparkle and elegance to your attire and will be a worthy investment.

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