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Here you will find a large base of information regarding cartilage jewelry, piercing types and unique pieces of ear jewelry.
Tragus Jewelry The market is full of different and stylish tragus jewelry these days meeting the demand of people who get the tragus piercing done. Industrial Jewelry Industrial piercing is when you get two piercing in one ear and wear the jewellery in the same. Helix Jewelry Triple helix piercing is usually done with the help of a curved needle just like the normal helix piercings. Helix Piercing Helix piercing is the process of making a hole on the upper cartilage of the ear known as helix.

Rook Piercing In ancient times, piercing was considered as a part of religious tradition especially in Africa and some parts of Asia but in recent times, it has become a style statement. Industrial piercing is a pair of piercing connected by the jewellery usually on the upper ear cartilage. Tragus Piercing Tragus ear piercing is the new trend these days, which is done at the end of the tunnel of the ear.
Cartilage earrings have come up to be the most common type of piercing earring worn by people these days. We have the best industrial ear piercer and the jewellery that will be best suited for you.

You can usually wear just one cartilage earring, because of which it is sold as a single piece.

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