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American super-designer Tom Ford has revived nipple pasties as fashionable, but they are not suitable for all women.
If you qualify as a certified nipple-pastie wearer, you'll be joining a small, elite, and titillating club of high-profile women daring enough to bust their Fords out in public. Which is why his latest fantastical fashion must-have a€“ nipple pasties - has stylistas feeling nervous. Size matters a€“ To keep it chic, ensure you are of the small-busted variety, or else risk being arrested or confused for an adult entertainer.
English supermodels Cara Delevingne and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley have, as well as Rihanna, the first star to debut them on the red carpet. You remember them, those small, strategically placed disks (sometimes featuring sequins and tassels) worn to conceal said nipples?

Those with very elevated breasts could see their pasties confused for earrings, whilst those with lower-slung bust lines could have their pasties mistaken for cocktail rings.3. Her pair of metallic purple pasties adorned the sheer bra bodice of a gorgeous white silk gown, worn with an old-Hollywood style neck scarf. Like a dazzling pair of earrings, they are a hard-to-miss fashion focal point designed to up-glam, showcase and attract, ahem, attention, and they are coming to a retailer near youNipple pasties are not new.
She was a modern-day Grace Kelly a€“ albeit the rude version.Which brings us to the most crucial criteria of all - supreme confidence. They can be traced back to the birth of striptease during the 1920s, and have been worn for decades by exotic entertainers, burlesque dancers, and some actresses in a bid to preserve their modesty when filming nude scenes.
An important consideration that apparently eluded Cher when she wore hers at the age of 67.

In the last decade, some of Hollywood's more extroverted, from Madonna and Pink to more recently Miley Cyrus, have put their own twist on pasties. Nipple pasties are reserved only for those without fashion fear, who like attention and have the ability to wear them like they are nothing more than a pair of earrings. His are glittering, twinkling formations that are scattered, rather than stuck on the breast.
They look like thoughtfully placed, chic confetti flowers or tufts of twinkling tinsel - perfect for Christmas parties I hear you ask?

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