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What Inspired The FoundersLittle Sparkles is a skin friendly jewelry brand founded in San Diego, California, by husband and wife, Mike and Olga Pinn. With 25 years in the business they have seen plenty of jewelry made from metals and materials that can be harmful to skin.
Cascading square shapes are adorned with a perfectly round, white Bohemian Pearl to give them a dancing, shimmering effect.

Like most people, they care about their health and try to make smart choices about what they put into their bodies and onto their skin. So, in 2012, they started producing stylish jewelry using ingredients that are considered kind to skin and hypoallergenic, for most people. We should all care more for ourselves and each other and always do our best to be healthy and happy.

A special organic coating is also added for extra protection, durability and luxurious finish.

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