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This entry was posted in jewelry tutorial and tagged diy earrings, earring tutorial, emerging creatively tutorials, hammer, how to make earrings, how to make jewelry, kimberlie Kohler, quick earrings, simple earrings, wire work by Kimberlie. June 2016 Rediscover Your Creativity & Make JewelryLast chance in 2016 to take Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry. She is my littlest one – although she is 22 and  not so little anymore, she will always be my baby -XO. You can find another post I did showing how to make a beaded dangle.  There are many videos online showing how to make wire loops. I love this look the earcuff makes.yor ears looks, I always thought you had to have your ears pierced everywhere and I’ve got them pierced 11 in just 1 ear but now wow these are great! INFINITY is concept in mathematics and philosophy that refers to a quantity without bound or end.
I received many questions about how I actually made them, so when my youngest daughter was getting ready to go on a two week trip to Utah and needed some new earrings, I whipped up a few pairs for her to go with some of her outfits.
Hold the tips of the pliers right at the base of the bead and wrap the wire around one tip into a circle.

You could even cross these earrings with yesterday’s bracelet DIY and make a peyote stitch bracelet, if you want a more complicated project. Instead of dangling from your lobe, the ear cuff attached to the outer cartilage of the ear, snugly tucking in and holding on. If you would like to follow me on social media – you can connect with me by clicking on the icons in my sidebar under my photo. I tried my best to document the process – they are so easy to make, but you do need a pair of All-In-One Jeweler’s pliers to make them.   They are sold at crafts stores in the jewelry making aisle and cost under $10.
In this photo she is sporting a pair made with green glass beads – they are for her casual outfits. My favorites and the type I used to make the earrings for this post are the style on the far right. I actually bought this Swirly Ear Cuff Tutorial while writing this article  and it’s well worth the $4 — a really detailed, very specific set of steps with great images and a beautiful result.
Then I just added one row of beads, wove my thread ends in, and tied a couple of half-hitch knots to secure everything.

After I had woven both earrings I added the hooks by looping them through the beading thread. I’ll be using it to learn how to make ear cuffs, myself!I have lots more picked out to show you and it turns out a BUNCH are by Gailavira! They’re like cuffs but they wrap around the back of your ear and sit out the outer edge, instead of wrapping around the cartilage. I think these are super dainty and pretty and would be great for a special occasion. Elf Ear Cuff pattern by Craftsy member caroneaAnd these enchanting pair of elf ears that Craftsy member jhammerberg created using aluminum and copper wire.
So adorable.Speaking of elves and fantastical things, check out this Fairy Ear Cuff below by Craftsy user Inspira! Not only does the actual connector look streamlined and different from others, but she also goes crazy with the dangles — adding chain, beads, wire-wrapped flowers, and it’s just so much bling!

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