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Heihei "Jag ar faktiskt kompis med Liam," Sa Jade till We Love Pop Magazine."Vi sokte till X Factor samtidigt for tre ar sen, och gick bada vidare till boot camp. Bestemte meg for a bare publisere enda en del av historien, siden ingen gidder a kommentere uansett.
Heihei Vi vil lese DIN blogg! Legg igjen bloggen din i kommentarfeltet, sa LOVER vi a ta en titt.
Heisann! Lovte for en droy halvtime siden at jeg skulle poste noen fan fiction tumblere, og her er dem da! Tag what you see on the picture : clothes, celebrities, bloggers, series, movies and brands. Han smsade oss (Little Mix) lycka till och sa efter att jag traffade alla killarna forra aret."Dom var alla jatte snalla, men dom glomde bort mig. Jeg forstar hvis det er stress a matte kommentere, men vil dere ha mer, sa far dere jobbe for det, for jeg gidder faktisk blogge.
Kanskje noen anbefalninger?   (Dumme Anna som sender BloggShout med mitt nummer, FUUUUU, ANNA! Crafted from stretch denim, the skinny fit jeans feature a classic five-pocket design with shading to the knees, a single button fastening with a zip fly and tonal decorative rivets. Men bare sa vidt, fordi motivasjonen er fa j*vla liten for tida, med skole, jeg er syk, og det er altsa flere ting, bare litt mer personlige..
Complete with belt loops and a Maison Scotch branded gold-tone metallic fish logo to the left pocket.
He turned around and faced me expectantly. ?I have a massive?really big favour to ask, and I totally understand if you don?t want to help?? Liam urged me to continue but I found it difficult to admit my true feelings looking into Liam?s eyes. Staring at a point just above his hand, I slowly started speaking again. ?I?m sure you know by now that Harry is my best friend??

Liam nodded. ?Anyway, he?s been acting really distant lately and I just?I just don?t know why and I really need to talk to him, but it?s so difficult when you guys are around? Don?t think I don?t want you here but I just-? Interrupting me, Liam placed a warm hand on my cardigan covered shoulder. You want me to distract the others so you and Harry have a chance to talk to each other?? A sigh a relief escaped my mouth and I briefly wondered what I had done right in my life to meet such an amazing, understanding young man. Flawlessly manufactured in the USA, this spring-ready piece is a contemporary re-style of a 50s cropped silhouette and has been crafted from cotton with a ribbed crew neckline and short sleeves.
Built to last, we recommend teaming yours with distressed jeans, khaki trainers and a check shirt to channel a nonchalant off-duty warm weather look. Keeping my arms around him, I leaned back and looked into his entrancing eyes that seemed to exude so much warmth. We stood in that position for awhile, simply staring at each other.
He?d never had any of these worries or niggling doubts with any of my other potential boyfriends. He continued to stare at the ground, unable to get the words out.
The crickets were chirping in the background and a dark black car drove past us, yet we still remained in our embrace. His luscious lips pulled away from mine all too soon and he pecked my cheek lightly, smiling a beautiful smile that reached his chocolate orbs.
Within approximately ten minutes, he had Zayn, Niall and Louis herded up and standing at the front of the house. ?Seriously guys, this ice cream shop is the best!? This is the first guy that you?ve liked with who I?m confident you will last?that?s what scares me.
Looking towards Liam, I mentally asked what to do. ?The guys are going down to the ice cream shop we just went to. You?re going to forget about me!? I laughed, which later I realised was a tad inappropriate. ?Harry, you are my brother. I love you to death and I promise, right here and right now, that I will let nothing come between us.

All our phone conversations, all our secret spots like that cafe we discovered, all our jokes, they?re ours, Harry. He held me tightly despite any worries or doubts that still plagued his mind. I hugged him as closely as I could, wordlessly conveying how much he meant to me. I made a mental note to make more scheming plans with him in the future. Grabbing Harry?s hand and one of the boys? I knew that his worries were legit because even I could feel a long term relationship blooming with Liam.
The clear bowl that was once filled to the brim with strawberries now lay empty and discarded on the grassy floor. He would always be there for me. We sat there for a few moments, before shifting to a slightly more comfortable position on the hard wooden seat. Eventually I fell asleep, comfortable in his friendly embrace. When I woke half an hour later, I was still in the same position, however Harry was talking. I wondered who he was talking to but didn?t have the energy to sit up. ?Well, yeah, chocolate ice cream is good, I guess.
So tempted to pretend nothing had gone wrong over the past few days, I was about to go off on a spiel about Liam, but I managed to stop myself, shaking my head in the process.   ?That doesn?t work on me, Harry. So, you have to tell me, what?s up?? Harry shook his head. ?You didn?t honestly believe that I had no idea what your little plan with Liam was? I felt my phone buzz in my pocket and I quickly whipped it out, seeing Liam?s name. Text me when ur done with Harry. Harry?s eyes dipped and he watched his hands, twisting in apparent nervousness. ?I?m jealous,?

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