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To answer this question I decided to create an earring and necklace chart so you can visually see what compliments different face shapes. Let’s start with a round face shape, the round face is ideal for wearing longer vertical styles: especially dangles, drops, narrow chandeliers, and ear threads.
Try to avoid hoop earrings they will make your face more round and it is not usually complimenting to do this. Try to avoid choker, collar and princess lengths, since they shorten the neck and add width to the throat and will make your face and neck line rounder.
Hope this necklace chart for round face shape will help you to visual understand what will be good for you. Oval shapes are greater in length than width and usually broader at the cheeks and narrower at the forehead and chin. Heart-shaped faces feature a forehead that is wider than the cheeks, the cheeks drop into a pointed chin.
Diamond shapes have a narrow hairline, and just below the ear, the jawline comes to a point at the chin.
Melina is a Social Media “Socialite”, Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising alumna and Southern California native.
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Almost all type of earrings suits you, as you have a narrow face and your forehead and cheeks are of same length. Cut as an extension of the bodice, the dolman sleeve is designed without a socket for the shoulder, creating a deep, wide armhole that reaches from the waist to a narrowed wrist. A calendering process in which fabrics are engraved with the use of heated rollers under pressure to produce a raised design on the fabric surface. Remember that opposites attract for round facial shapes: choose rectangles, trapezoids and other long vertically angular designs.
Also, it’s not recommended to wear studs or post earrings unless, the stud has a long dangle piece.

Balance these stunning features with soft and long curves such as Twist of Fate and Jackpot. She is style-obsessed and loves keeping up with her favorite designers, brands and musicians — all via social media of course! So, to balance out your face shape, wear earrings with broad and long earring tapering at bottom. Any style that draws attention to a strong vertical line will be flattering for a round face.
You can be creative with your daily look by simply changing up the shape, style, color and embellishments of your earrings. She enjoys jewelry DIYs, yoga, hiking and style stalking fashion insiders, such as Kate Lanphear, Joanna Hillman, and Taylor Tomasi Hill.
But, did you know you can also flatter your gorgeous facial features by wearing certain styles? Those ill-matching earrings that don't suit your face may be the reason why you can't unleash your full-beauty force.
The next time your mirror is fogged up after your shower, look at your reflection, and trace the shape of your face on the mirror using your finger.
Well, with this simple earring guide that Buzzle brings to you, choosing just the right ear accessory so that your face looks even more divine than it already is, will take as little time as snapping your fingers.For an Oval FaceHave an oval-shaped face? Whether your favorites are studs, dangle or hoops, find the best earrings for your face shape below. Once you have the shape drawn, it will be easy for you to categorize it under one of the following categories.We often ignore the importance of wearing an earring that actually suits the shape of our face. From studs to huggies to danglers, and even chandeliers; there is no obstacle that blocks your way. Your looks are accentuated the most when you wear teardrop earrings as these create an illusion of balance.For a Round FaceWomen with round faces can often be thrown off by earring choices. What we often don't realize is that these earrings may not necessarily suit our face type, and by just picking a perfectly-shaped earring, every flaw can be hidden and every strength enhanced.

If you have a round face, then your aim should be to make your face look longer and less puffy. The best way to achieve this is to wear thin, long danglers or even earrings with a slight teardrop. Avoid hoop earrings as they tend to make round faces seem wider than they are.For a Heart-Shaped FaceIf you have a heart-shaped face, then you need something that is the complete opposite of someone with a round face.
Your aim should be to make your face seem wider; this is the reason you should opt for earrings that have elongated shapes and curves. These look especially good on women who have heart-shaped faces.For a Square FaceA square face needs some softening, and the best way to do that is to wear long, rounded earrings that will soften your cheekbones and your jawline. Over-sized hoops, dramatic danglers, feather earrings are all examples of ear accessories that will take the edge off the very strong jawline of a woman with a square face. Avoid any earrings that have well-defined and strong edges as they tend to emphasize your already strong jawline.For a Narrow FaceNarrow faces are too thin, and need an illusion of width. Pearl earrings which are naturally rounded are a good option for women with this face shape. Long, thin dangling earrings and chandeliers on the other hand, tend to make the face look thinner and sharper.For a Diamond-Shaped FaceIf you have a diamond-shaped face, then you should opt for long earrings with curves. Avoid any earrings that also feature a diamond-like shape as these exaggerate your own face shape.So, there you have it. Keep this page bookmarked the next time you are shopping for earrings online so that you make the right choice.

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