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NDRU said: ZombieKitten said:I saw a girl on that show "marry snog avoid" and the machine rejected her as not human What language are you speaking? There used to be a Suicide Girl named "Elf" who had modified her ears so they were pointy on the top.
Wasn't Prince shaving a point in his hairline behind and above each ear to give the illusion of pointy ears in the late 90's?
Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. I tried to find a good pic of her out there on teh internets, but I didn't come across any where her ears were super clear. So is the show sort of like Fuck, Marry, Kill?It's an english tv show so snog = pash (kiss with tongue, drunkenly with a bit of feeling up as well)They take a girl, show her picture to random guys in the street who give their verdict. Generally, in anime art as well as realistic human art, ears will be as lengthy as the eye space. As you draw various position of heads, you'll come to find out that there's just so many ways you've got to draw the ears along with them. Now, using what we've learned from above, here's a few styles and forms that ears can be stylized in. Then, keeping in line with the guides, let's draw the beginning of the female profile face.
In this first one, we'll be delving into the guides on 'how to draw anime ears', step by step.

In this tutorial, I will be taking this anatomy, and simplifying it so it will be easier for you to draw. Let's begin this tut with a few helpful pointers on drawing ears, not just anime ears, but realistic ones too. If you're drawing a detailed character, and you have an ear drawn lacking the same amount of detail, the ear will look out of place, and ruin the drawing's unity.
Take your time, this part is important because it's the lines that will support the rest of the drawing proportionately. Originally, I drew her ruffling the front of her coat upwards to show she's trying to warm up, which pretty much explains the high set shoulder line. I've drawn ears countless of times, from cartoon characters, to extremely detailed anime characters. By understanding the build of this human feature, it will be easier to place the needed details. In this tip presentation, I give you a few pointers on where to place ears and how to draw them. Again, look at the many references of ears as much as possible, to ensure a permanent burn in your brain's memory :) The average ear will look like what you see, opposed to the sloppy and strange one. Remember, if you're going to draw simplified ears, make sure the character is drawn in a simple style as well. The back view will only show a flat view of the lobe, with inner lines that shape the outline of the connecting membrane and lobe. Everyone loves to draw anime girls anyways ;) So, let's begin by sketching the basic guidelines that will be undermined with the most important forms.

This tut should give you some of the basics on how ears should be drawn, and how they take effect on characters.
Say if you forget an important detail, but you know the names of the actual ear, you'll know exactly what the missing feature is! Remind yourself not to draw them too big or they'll seem to look disproportional with the rest of the head.
An example to understand this, is by looking at an anime character like Ichigo from Bleach and a regular chibi. Know that, having a solid foundation will cause way more success than having an unsure and sloppy foundation.
If you don't want to draw her in a snowscape, she could possibly be in a photo-shoot or just casual wear? Below this tip step, is something that indicates 'how to know that you've drawn ears proportional'. Yes, the character in this picture, and the one you'll be drawing at the end is an inspiration of Ellie Goulding. I advise to go look at many references on how ears are placed correctly on the human head, and the distances between the various head poses.

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