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If you suffer from frequent ear infections as a result of SCUBA diving, snorkeling, or spending a lot of time in the water, Mack’s Dry-n-Clear Ear Drying Aid is one of the most inexpensive and gentle diving solutions for sensitive ears.
And for divers who just can’t seem to equalize their ear pressure no matter how many equalization techniques they practice, relief exists in the form of the IST Pro Ear Two Window Mask. Fortunately, there are a few diving solutions for sensitive ears you can pick up at Leisure Pro!

Simply squeeze a few drops into your ears after you get out of the water, and the simple solution of isopropyl alcohol and anhydrous glycerin will work fast to dry up any moisture in your ear canal while simultaneously conditioning its delicate lining to avoid irritation. They come in a variety of styles and thicknesses to suit all types of diving, including lightweight beanies that cover just your head, leaving the neck and shoulders free, but can also be integrated into a vest for added insulation on your upper body — something that comes in very handy in colder waters! This unique mask features two soft silicone ear covers that connect the ambient pressure inside the mask with the ambient pressure in the ear canal through the use of one-way valve tubes that allow air to flow freely between the two areas without letting water in. A SCUBA hood is a worthy investment for any diver who suffers from diving-related ear issues.

Each ear pocket has a feathered edge skirt to create a tight seal around your ears, just like your mask.

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