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There are days when nothing will do but accessorizing with a sad slice of toast or a morbidly cute bunny.
If your ears were pierced with a piercing gun (such as at Claire's or Piercing Pagoda), they were pierced at 20g or 18g. The Orb transforms from a ring with a simple twist to become a Bluetooth headset capable of hands-free calling. The base model Orb is scheduled to launch in January 2010 carrying a suggested retail price of USD$129, while the Deluxe edition is due in April 2010 with a price of USD$175. Wait at least 4 to 6 months from a fresh piercing, assuming there were no complications during the healing process. Also, since they are usually designed to mold to the shape of the ear, they can be a little awkward to stuff in a pocket when not in use.

Incorporating NXT technology the Orb provides high quality bone conduction audio without the discomfort of placing a device inside the ear.
The Limited edition designer models are also due in April 2010 with their price based on the value of the gemstones incorporated into the device. All pieces are produced using the lost wax method, in which the artist carves and sculpts the original design in wax and then casts the work in sterling silver. Jewelry sizes are typically referred to in gauges ranging from 20g to 00g, with 00g being the largest and 20g being the smallest.
If you were pierced properly at a professional piercing studio, your ears were probably pierced at 16g, but you can ask your piercer to make sure. An innovative new Bluetooth headset called the Orb solves this problem by transforming from a wireless earpiece into a ring that can be worn on your finger.

A Deluxe edition also features a Flexible Organic Light Emitting Device (FOLED) screen to display caller ID, calendar reminders, and voice-to-text information for communication without taking the ring off the finger. Those who like their Bluetooth headsets with extra bling will be able to opt for a limited edition designer model featuring decorative gemstones. In countries that use the metric system, jewelry sizes may only be referenced in millimeters, rather than gauge. To eliminate confusion, a table of gauge sizes with their nearest size in inches and millimeters is listed below.

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