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Ordinarily after receiving a rainfall of this size, we would do different job duties that keep us out of wet areas to not damage the turf.  Pulling weeds, push mowing, edging, and trimming are some of the things we work on in wet conditions.
A carefully and strategically made drainage plan along with ensuring the installation of the drainage is correct, will increase the capability of being able to maintain the golf course that results in the improvement of playability. Whether you need to drain one hole or 18, we custom design a comprehensive drainage plan for your property, manufacture the components, and work with trained contractors until project completion. Whether you're looking for parts, technical advice or just want to hang out and chat, you've come to the right place. I wore my new half helmet on a long ride today and my ears are still ringing after an hour of being home.
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Secondly, the temperature at the time we were mowing was only 39 degrees and the turf being mowed had not yet received any sun light to aid in dryness. Increased longevity, improved maintenance standards, and improved condition and playability are the results.
We have four patents in the field of seepage drainage - including the Turf Drain Siphon System™. We're an online community dedicated to owners and enthusiasts of V4 powered Muscle Bikes such as the Honda Magna, Sabre, Yamaha VMax and Suzuki Madura. I have the cheapo kind you squish with your fingers and insert into your ear where they expand and plug the hole. I actually like riding with foam plugs better than without, let's me hear the engine better and ignore the rattles as stated lol.

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And lastly, there was very little wind gust this morning to help the turf dry.  So given the circumstances I believe makes this capability of mowing even more phenomenal.

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