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You must know that the human body produces a curious symphony of sounds, and you should agree that it can get kind of scary at times. I had operation on my right ear to have bone drilled out last winter, one week off work, 8 weeks out off the water, total success, left ear to be done later (ill spare you all the details and photos). Best way is not let water into your ears, with out dough Blue Tac is great, down side is its hard to hear with blobs in your ears.
I used to have to go at least twice a year to the doc to have my ears plunged to get the wax out, disgusting how much crap can get trapped in there. The vacuum cleaner sounds good in principle, but freaks me out a little bit because it can go wrong easily. It all comes down to keeping your ears clean and dry, but for starters I would go the DOcs. Might be swimmers ear - no need to bust out the black and decker and start drilling just yet hah. Mine has improved after using Vosol brand ear drops and also (a hint from an ear doctor) is to use a hair dryer to dry out the canal after contact with water.
Having just gone through a blocked ear for a short time (fixed last Friday), go see your Doctor. Your eyes ears and nose drain into the same pipes which run down beside your ears and down the sides of your neck. The syringe with water was used a while back and worked great but had the same problem in the near future. I never wanted to be one of those old dudes with blu tak in my ears that you see surfing all the time! Lots of advice - I feel your pain, I went to the chemist and got an ear cleaning bottle, essentially like the syringe method. Also I threw the cotton wool buds in the bin as apparently they cause a buildup of wax that water gets trapped behind causing the infuriating clogginess. I have tried many of the suggestions posted so far but have found the best thing for me are ear candles. Used to find that a couple of drops of olive oil in each ear before a surf worked well for me (in cold SA waters).
The anestesist got 2 chemicals to use, something to put you to sleep and a muscle relaxant(once you are sleeping) which stops your breaving and they plug you onto a respirator. I had extreme difficulties to fall asleep for quite a few weeks after as my body would jerk me awake everytime I would fall asleep. I was wheeled into surgery just before 6pm, given first needle, was woken up post op a few hours later about 10pm. Doc and anaesthetist called in to see me about 7am, I had brekkie, waited for my daughter to pick me up about 10am.
Besides the blue-tack, you can also try Doc's Pro-Plugs - they come in about 3 sizes so you need to get your size right. If you do decide to have the op, do it in your off season as it puts you out of the water for a while.

Having been unfortunate to suffer three bouts of cholesteatoma (pre kiting and totally unrelated to water), I'm keen to preserve what hearing I have left after having 50% of my hearing bones removed thru modified radical mastoidectomy procedures. Try keep the cold water and air out of the canal by use of Blue Tac or plugs, and wear either a helmet with ear protection eg Gath type, or a windstopper type hat or headband that covers the ears.
Best to have ears checked out if the problem is reoccurring too, as stuff such as the Aqua Clear type stuff should not be used if there's already perforation of the drum.
I know some people are adverse to wearing a helmet, but they do keep the ear plugs in and stop the wind.
With the Doc Pro plugs you can attach them with fishing line to your wetsuit or rashie so if they do ever pop out you won't lose them.
Having dealt with all of these ear problems (without the op thankfully) I can feel for everyone who has had to deal with this. I have tried so many methods to combat this, and I can say that ear candles did nothing for me! We did have Verizon people in our neighborhood yesterday, I think the truck said something about fios installation. The "ringing in the ear" sound can be extreme, can seem to be on one side or the other, change in pitch. If both of you had it happen at the same time, it pretty much rules out a physical (medical) cause like high blood pressure. By the way, the quake was felt as far away as South Carolina according to the "did you feel it" page at the USGS link.
For what its worth, I never had the "ear ringing " scenario until the quakes kicked in last year here in Arkansas. The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC. However, according to experts, it is a normal thing and there is absolutely nothing to be worried about these sounds.Every human being faces this little problem, and to deal with it, you should be aware of the reasons as to why it occurs. Doc Prop plugs are the best as you can still hear and not feel like your ear is all clogged up which does affect your balance a little.
Perforated ear drums are REALLY painful having gone through that with my board slamming the side of my head in the 70's. Probably an infection and there may be some discharge that needs clearing and the Doctor can do it on the spot. It gets that to the point where I blow my nose and get dizzy from my sinus becoming compressed.
Sometimes if I massage the top of my cheeks and sides of my ears and neck it clears the **** out of there. I love the idea of vacuums and hair dryers but may go see the doc as its still blocked and now I have an annoying ringing! Anyway ill fire some questions at the doc (your methods) and come and let you know what he says about them! Though I will be using the syringe in 4 days after I use drops every 12 hours and he believes blu tak is fine to put in ear and recommends it.

I am sure that it has helped somebody out in the past, but it is not something I would ever recommend to anyone. The honey massage is given to people recovering from illness, helping to strengthen the invalid. After I've come to sometimes my ears burn or are sore like when I've worn heavy headphones.
The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression. From the rumbling in your tummy to the popping of a joint, some of these noises are normal (if slightly embarrassing) and, in some cases, they can sound like an alarm bell.Studies state that people pass wind or fart due to the extra gas present in the intestines.
Plus, (the plugs with the small hole in them) with the Docs when you get driven down to the bottom after a wipeout on big waves your ears will clear the pressure change, where as if you just plug them up they won't, and that hurts.
The aim of honey massage is to aid desquamation, to condition the skin and improve the condition, as well as aiding the elimination of toxins and waste products. This mixture contains methane, nitrogen and hydrogen gases, which need to be expelled through your rectum. This massage can be marketed in 2 ways; as a beauty treatment concentrating on the conditioning of the skin or therapeutic, concentrating on the wellbeing and health promotional side.
At the same time, the other similar noise our body makes is blenching, which again is another way in which gas is expelled from the body.Likewise, there are few more weird noises that our body makes every single day.
Since I started this regime I have not had any infections, and I haven't had to have them syringed in two years.
If you have noticed any of these noises in your body, we think you should read on to figure out why these sounds take place.
I have used this method in tropical places where infection was just starting and no doctor around for miles. If this popping is accompanied with a pain, it is best to seek help from an orthopaedic surgeon. This weird body noise can be stopped by inhaling air through the mouth and exhaling it after 5 seconds with a loud burp. It can become infectious, and it can even damage the ear drum if the problem lasts longer than a day. It could be blood moving through your carotid artery and jugular vein, which run behind your ear.
The sound increases when your ears are blocked, and it can be treated however with ear drops. You can clear this problem with the help of nasal drops, and if the problem exceeds over a day, a visit to the doctor will do no harm.

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