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Seeking the ultimate high, people have ingested all kinds of bizarre chemicals and plants through history.
Yes, this pesticide – which has now been made illegal in many countries, can produce feelings somewhat like Ecstasy (Hear that environmentalists?? Xenon is a heavy, odorless, inert gas that can be found in the Earth’s atmosphere, lasers, gas-discharge lamps, medical imaging, in the process of creating nuclear power, for protein crystallography, in the production of MEMS (microelectromechanical systems), and for anesthesia. Many poisons (such as arsenic and strychnine) and venoms have been known to have hallucinogenic (and sometimes beneficial) effects!

As everybody knows, C-4 is a very effective explosive (1.34 times more explosive than TNT!). At one time, Eskimos and tribes in Siberia were known to consume the urine of another person who had consumed fly agaric mushrooms (amanita muscaria).
Alright, it’s not exactly old books – it is the fungi and molds that occasionally grow on them!
They may not be the most pleasant alternatives for when you run out of weed, but they certainly work.

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