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Summer skies were a joy , inviting a freshly-strung kite or perhaps a game of army with the other kids. As for my friends and myself, we would always find a lonely back street, or road that led to another neighborhood. That was the real fun; finding that special hiding place, the one that nobody would ever figure out in a million years.
Sundown also brought families out of their sweltering living rooms to the front porch to sit with neighbors or just take in a bit of the calm evenings. I can recall crossing into our neighbors' yard to catch a bit of "Ozzie and Harriet" through the rusty mesh of the front door screen. Once bedtime rolled around, I could lie on warm sheets dreaming and scheming, planning the tomorrow's adventures. When I was younger, I used to fervently check the movie listings in the front of the TV Guide for any monster movies that were coming up. Looking forward to something seemed more fun in those days, probably because we didn't have the luxury of being able to get whatever we wanted whenever we wanted it. What if it was horribly boring and I missed out on "McHale's Navy" or "Petticoat Junction"? Ah, but those were the chances you had to take in order to earn the pleasure of being scared to death. There was a time when my brothers and I and some friends of the family sat around in front of the TV one Saturday night, all prepped for the evening's horror movie on "Alley Cat Theater" .
Speaking of Houses and Haunted Hills, there was a movie that scared us all so bad, we didn't get over it for a year. Half the fun was sneaking up on people, then spraying or dousing them when they least expected it. Sometimes there were days when my brothers weren't around and I had to find something fun to do for the day. A typical day in my life whilst seeking fun and adventure when none seemed to be around, was usually just spent wandering. Most of these times were so carefree that they were spent just wandering from house-to-house, yard-to-yard, seeking adventure as it fell into your lap. In brief, equalizers alter the tonal quality of audio by applying gain to a specific frequency range.
Bandwidth allows us to choose the range of neighbouring frequencies that our adjustment affects.
In practice, wide EQ cuts remove more signal, and therefore more of a sound’s defining characteristics.
Narrow surgical cuts, on the other hand, remove only specific frequencies, and as such leave the signal largely unchanged.

It might seem the same should be true of boosting – that narrow boosts are the least audible. Note, too, that this technique is relevant only to adjustments made with parametric equalizers.
Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the advice is generally useful but NOT a set-in-stone rule. Another thing about narrow boosts: jamming a lot of sound from one narrow little frequency range into your ears will tire them out pretty darn quickly, and can even be kind of painful. It was all a part of summer, to be free, and young, and adventurous, yet unfortunately still within earshot of Mom's call. I think that some of my favorite summer memories are of playing outside till dark on warm evenings.
There were those special occasions when I would be the recipient of the old "Olly, Olly Oxen free!" shouts of surrender. Front porch treats consisted of juicy watermelon or cantaloupe, or on rare occasions, a wedge of Neapolitan ice cream served in a bowl. Yes, summer was endless , it was beautiful, and hopefully within these slight paragraphs, I was able to bring it back if only for a moment.
Gathering for nightly games, then re-grouping on the front porch, or the cool lawn for treats and conversations with neighbors made the nights just as important as the days. In fact, being scared to death was a regular thing when it came to those good old monster movies.
It was called "Horrors of the Black Museum" .This movie was truly a piece of work and featured a scene where a woman looks through a pair of binoculars and two needles come out and stab her eyes. Dropping a water baloon on their heads from up inside a tree, or an upstairs window was about as good as it could get. Smashing an entire roll of caps on the sidewalk with a rock or hammer was one loud experience.
But in fact, because of how our ears work, narrow EQ boosts usually sound unnatural and jarring, where wide boosts are much less obvious. Although I do limited recording I still like to understand the options and how they affect the end product.
Sometimes it would be with a stack of comics under a shady tree , or out seeking adventure somewhere on my bike. I guess that was one of my favorite parts of the week was sitting on the back porch near the apple tree, protected from all evil by the shadow of the cross of the clothesline, flipping through the pages of the new TV Guide.
I had to re-buy them a couple of times because I actually tried painting them with my modeling paints. It seems that the objective was to completely soak your opponent much more severely than he, or she could soak you.

I can't remember how many of my formative years were spent puffing these mystery bubbles into the vast spacial frontiers of our house.
Just as entertaining as a firecracker, you get that monster hit of gun powder and a pleasurable ringing in your ears of accomplishment.
I’ll explain and demonstrate below, and you can use the information to improve your EQ adjustments, and in turn your mixes. As with everything in audio engineering, let your ears be the final judge of what works best. It's a true fact that the skies were a deeper blue then; There was much less pollution than now, and even the air felt lighter. The neighbor boys were about my age, and once a commercial came on TV, we'd break our prime time trance long enough to make a plan for the evening. I don't remember anything else about that movie, except that it was so much fun to just be sitting around with a large group of kids watching a monster movie. The movie was "The Haunting" ,a ghastly gothic about four people agreeing to spend a night (or maybe even a week) in a reportedly haunted house. They were like rifles in the sense that they could shoot much farther than merely putting your thumb over the metal end of the hose. What's even worse is that I can't remember how many years I'd been blowing bubbles and spending dimes before I figured out that Mom's Ivory Liquid did exactly the same thing.
This provides a great primer and hopefully with a couple days of study and experimentation I can remove some of the mystery.
The sky was young, and like myself, full of dreams cleverly hidden behind vagrant cloud puffs or perhaps the sheer simplicity of the wondrous blue. Nobody really wanted to be "it" (the person who buries his or her head in the crook of their arm and counts to twenty or fifty by twos while everyone else finds a secure hiding place).
Night games of Army were regular fun, except for the fact that it was harder to track the enemy, and even more difficult to avoid the familiar "uh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh" faux machine gun sounds uttered from deep within our throats. About halfway through the picture when the pounding sounds began and the echoey giggling, my dad reached over and turned the living room lights on. Pencils, rulers, household spoons from the silverware drawer-including my own finger were all beta-tested for bubble ability. It's funny, that movie still scares the life out of me today, and I refuse to watch it alone.

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