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Yes, we can relate to that experience as well but we are more happy now that the Hush earplugs are here. They not only work as a sound deterrent but are also capable of ringing the alarm directly into the ears of the user.The plugs connect to the companion app via Bluetooth and play soothing music while blocking out any external noise such as the traffic noise from a busy road or the irritating sound of someone snoring.
It took the team about 11 months to go from design to sale phase with a Kickstarter campaign underway.The gadget has been embedded with foam which eliminates sound, while imparting noise masking to keep the wearer safe from external sounds.
The plugs can either be silent or programmed via a smartphone app to play a myriad of sounds that include white noise, ocean waves and even a crackling fire.

The smartphone’s alarm will ring when it is time to wake up via the plugs so that no one else is disturbed.
However, earplugs have physical limitations in blocking out sound because even when your canal is completely sealed off, sound still gets through to the eardrum by conducting through your bones. As engineering students living in dorms, we often found our sleep distracted by a variety of noises. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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