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This is also known as high frequency hearing loss, as it affects a persons ability to hear at high frequencies. These are two different types of hearing loss, which we will look at more closely in a follow-up article.
Today the FDA gave approval to the first implantable hearing device for adults with the most common type of hearing loss that occurs with aging, heredity, certain drugs that are toxic to the inner ear, exposure to loud noises like heavy metal concerts, or listening to your ipod on high volume. Facebook,The Movie Starring Pete Cashmore, Gary Vaynerchuk or Guy Kawasaki?Invent An Enrichment Toy For The Hogle Zoo’s Animals Contest!
I know writers need to have a catchy way to wrap up the end of their story but your statement that "now I can pump up the volume on my earphones and rest easy that there will be a solution for my aging ears" is ridiculous.

It is now known that exposure to loud volumes, through earphones and earbuds can be damaging to hearing. Other illnesses in babies and children include severe jaundice and bacterial or viral meningitis. I was trying to show my relief because hearing loss can happen regardless of my behaviour - from side effects of drugs, or hereditary conditions, so I am happy there are people working on this problem. Unlike hearing aids that just amplify sound, they compensate for damaged or non-working parts of the ear. It's not clear to me what is different about the Nucleus Hybrid L24 Cochlear Implant System, but it contains an external microphone and speech processor that picks up sounds from the environment and converts them into electrical impulses.

These impulses are then transmitted to the cochlea through a bundle of implanted electrodes. Standard versus Hybrid Cochlear Implant Design Cochlear Implants have been around since the 1960's, with 324,000 implants as of December 2012, but just getting a Cochlear Implant isn't an option in this case as it destroys any low frequency hearing, and even though one of the risks with this Hybrid implant is low frequency hearing loss, the FDA decided the benefits outweigh the risks.

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