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If you suffer from tinnitus along with hearing loss, Ria2 Pro Ti includes Oticon’s exclusive new Tinnitus SoundSupport™ feature that provides tinnitus relief sounds that can be used in conjunction with a tinnitus treatment plan.
Tinnitus — that ringing and buzzing in your ears that won’t stop — is a common condition among millions of Americans.
What makes Ria2 Pro Ti so effective is that it can be personalized, with more detail and automation than ever, to fit your unique hearing profile and lifestyle. A condition typically affecting women more than men and diagnosed between the ages of 30 and 60.

As necessary, coordinate with your Physician to order an MRI with special material that helps clearly define Acoustic Neuroma, if present. Experts suspect that the ringing sound is the brain trying to adapt to a loss of hair cells, the nerve cells inside your ear that translate sound into electrical signals for the brain to interpret. So you’ll be able to interact more naturally and comfortably with your environment throughout the day. This nerve loss can be caused by long noise exposure, aging, inner ear infection, or a condition called Meniere’s disease.

This may be especially true if tinnitus is accompanied by unknown hearing loss, as is the case in 90% of tinnitus sufferers.

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