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I decided that I finally needed to organize my collection of rocks garnered from my many trips to the North Georgia Mountains. I think some of these would look great just hanging from a chain, but a couple of them are too big for anything except maybe a paperweight! Aventurine is another quartz stone and usually has bits of mica or other minerals that give it a shimmering appearance.
Both of these stones are too fractured to cut into gemstones, but I love the deep purple color of them. If you recall from┬áThe Gemstone Chronicles Book Two: The Amethyst, Laura used a moonstone to turn her friends and family invisible during a battle. Tagged adventure, Amazon, amethyst, author, books, cabochons, citrine, collection, ebook, ebooks, emerald, facets, fantasy, fantasy adventure, fiction, gemstones. If you recall from my Rubies and Diamonds post, I asked my gem cutter friend Gene to facet two round brilliant cut quartz stones. I apologize again for the pictures as they really don’t show the beauty of the stones, but, as you can see, this Princess Cut weighed in at 1.7 carats and is a great yellow color!
I have to go through the stones I found this past weekend and see if I can find a few more to send to Gene! You can connect with me on social media, too, and let me know what your thoughts about the stones are.
Y’all know about my gem hunting hobby and how the gemstones are such an integral part of my fantasy adventure series The Gemstone Chronicles. Today, though, I want to give you an overview of places that I have researched on the Internet and where I might have to go for a visit over the next few months.
The North Georgia Mountains have many places to hunt for gemstones (and gold, if you are so inclined).
Consolidated Gold Mine (Dahlonega, Georgia): A great place to visit to get an idea of what it was like to dig for gold underground. Crisson Gold Mine (Dahlonega, Georgia): Another gold mine in Dahlonega, you can pan for gold here, too.
Diamond Hill Mine (Antreville, SC): The website for the Diamond Hill Mine says you can find quartz, amethyst (though rare), and other gemstones.
North Carolina: I have to say that North Carolina offers many opportunities for gemstone exploration. Cherokee Ruby Mine (Franklin, NC): Another mine that is now offering dig your own dirt option. For states outside the Southeast, please feel free to give us ideas about gem hunting opportunities near you. One of the more interesting questions I get asked when someone discovers I have written 4 novels is where I got the inspirations or the ideas. One the cover is the carnelian (first gem in the Elven Bow) along with the stones in the hilt of the Elven Sword, which are a sapphire, a garnet, and aquamarine, and a topaz. It did take some time to research which gems would be integral to the story and which would have minor roles.
For my current WIP, I used to watch a program on History Channel called Brad Meltzer’s Decoded.

As always, I enjoy connecting with readers, writers, and anyone else who wants to leave me a comment. If you’ve read any of The Gemstone Chronicles, leave me a comment and let me know how you liked the books. Tagged adventure, Amazon, author, books, Brad Meltzer's Decoded, Decoded, ebook, ebooks, elves, fantasy, fiction, gems, gemstones, Georgia, Georgia Guidestones, Good Reads author, ideas, inspirations, JRR Tolkien, Kindle, Lana, magic, middle grades, Roger Zelazny, self publishing, self-publishing, Smashwords, Stephen Donaldson, Terry Brooks, The Amethyst, The Carnelian, The Emerald, The Gemstone Chronicles, The Ruby, tumbled gemstones, Ursula K. I was surprised and excited when I went through my plastic bags and grouped the stones together. If you recall a previous post on hematite, this stone looks like a dark gray lump, but, once tumbled, turns into a beautiful silver color. I think I might send my gem cutter a couple of the lemon quartz to see what he can do with them. Using the conversion of 5 carats per gram, the first stone is 630 carats and the second is 575 carats! I like the lighter color ones, but the darker ones (second picture) are the ones I might send to the gem cutter to see if he can get anything out of them. I sent this one over to my gem cutter friend because it had a great green color when illuminated by a strong light.
For those not familiar with citrines, they are the same stone as an amethyst, but with different impurities to give them a yellowish-orange color. I have a bunch of citrines, but they are usually so fractured inside that they aren’t really suitable for faceting. I also plan to start creating cabochons after the holidays, so stayed as I post progress on them! Let’s start right here in Georgia, where I found this emerald and my brother John found the peridot that I had cut and set for a birthday present for the lovely and adorable Lana! If you want to, you can sign up to be a member of the Weekend Gold Miners at Crisson Gold Mine and gain access to the leased lands operated by the Weekend Gold Miners and prospect to your heart’s content!
While they do offer salted buckets, they also offer the opportunity to dig your own dirt and keep what you find. This one comes with a little bit of a limitation: for the dig your own option, you can fill 6 buckets for $30 and you can fill 4 additional for $10 more. Any of you Tennessee readers who want to give us some ideas, it would be greatly appreciated!
As with the Tennessee folks, any hints you Alabama readers could give us would be appreciated!
For The Gemstone Chronicles, it’s a very easy answer, but for my latest WIP, the inspirations and the ideas came from an entirely different source. I can’t remember the first book I read, but I do remember using money from my paper route in Lakewood, Colorado to buy every single Hardy Boy book available at the time (early to mid-70s). I wanted to have gems with unique properties and I wanted the gems to tie to the personalities of the characters.
If you want to let the world know what you thought, leave me a review on Amazon , Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Goodreads, BookLikes, or Shelfari!
According to the Georgia Mineral Society, Graves Mountain was originally mined by Tiffany’s for rutile used to polish diamonds.

Rutilated quartz is one of my favorite finds and looks like gold threads inside the quartz. The cool thing about hematite is that when rubbed against sandpaper, it leaves a red streak (hence the name hematite, which comes from the Greek root word for blood). I think when I start cabbing (making cabochons) in the near future, I will do a few of these just to see how they turn out. Before I get to the final versions of the gemstones, though, I wanted to show you what the stones looked like when I found them. You might have even read about my trip to the Hogg Mountain Mine near LaGrange, GA or the trip to Hiddenite, NC. I bought Nancy Drew books, Alfred Hitchcock and the 3 Investigators, and a myriad of others.
Lana, my lovely and adorable bride, and I visited the Guidestones one sunny afternoon and I came away with new inspirations and ideas for my next book. While not as green as Lana’s emerald from posts past, or what I envision the Emerald from the Elven Bow in Book Three: The Emerald, it is a great stone!
I hope the posts inspired you to go out on your own gem hunting excursions (or at least read and review my books)! The Guidestones are mysterious, have a fascinating history behind them, have been the subject of conspiracy theories almost since the day they were erected, and lend themselves very nicely to what I have in mind.
Now the mountain is open by reservation and a couple of times per year for an open mining days. Living in the Southeast, I decided to find new places fairly close to home and consider them for a visit, or share them with y’all in case you want to make a trip! I read Tolkien, Piers Anthony, Roger Zelazny, Isaac Asimov, Terry Brooks, Stephen Donaldson, Ursula K.
The book will be unlike The Gemstone Chronicles, and will be a thriller (or at least it is now…who knows how things will change during the writing process).
I’m headed about 2 hours east of Atlanta to Lincoln County, Georgia to one of the premier crystal hunting spots in the entire United States, Graves Mountain! I don’t expect to find a start sapphire as sapphire is not one of the commonly found minerals at Graves mountain, but it would be cool!
To be fair, I didn’t look at other Southeast US states likes Florida, and Mississippi and Arkansas are a bit far for me (at least for a day trip). Well, as many of you know, I developed a fascination with gemstones after moving to North Georgia in 2007.
If you are a writer, please tell me what gave you the inspirations and ideas for your own works.
Aidan, who loves playing World of Warcraft and similar games, told me I should write a book about gemstones, elves, and magic. I knew a few things about world building from my reading of the authors mentioned above, I love to read fantasy, and I already had a plan on what to write.

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