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This heavy duty speaker can be placed under the pillow at night, and when combined with an external sound source, such as a radio, can create a relaxing atmosphere to aid sleep and relieve tinnitus. Bedside desktop sound generator features 12 natural sounds to sooth and relieve the symptoms of tinnitus at night. Looks and feels just like a normal pillow, but with built-in stereo speakers so that the sound from the bedside sound generator.
Siemens provide a “Tinnitus Function” feature on all Binax series hearing aids including the custom made Insio models, a less adaptable version is also available for the Orion range.
The dispenser can create a number of listening programs and for each program created select from microphone only, noise only or noise and microphone (in each ear). The Binax 7 has the most flexible tinnitus masking with twenty sound output sliders while the Sirion has the least with only four output sliders.
The Binax 5 and Binax 3 hearing aids have sixteen and twelve sound output sliders respectively. If this option is selected it will be necessary to purchase a remote control in order to adjust microphone volume or listening programs. Due to their size and lack of external controls it is not possible to adjust the tinnitus sound generator output on Binax Ace products. Our experienced and licensed professional audiologists provide a full range of diagnostic care and hearing aid services that will improve the quality of your hearing. Audiology Island provides hearing evaluations and habilitation services for infants and children of all ages and developmental levels.
Audiology Island offers the highest quality and service of hearing aids and hearing evaluations for all ages in Staten Island, New York. Unlike traditional hearing aids, Lyric’s small size and placement in the ear canal make it totally invisible.
At Audiology Island our highly qualified doctors of audiology, can ensure you get an accurate diagnosis of the etiology of your dizziness, and will implement appropriate treatment, so that you can live your lives to the fullest, without fear of falling, causing an accident, or losing the level of activity you once enjoyed.
The distraction approach, using noise generators or maskers, is often used in tinnitus relief therapies. Since the complete masking (acoustic concealment) of tinnitus would require at least the same volume as the tinnitus sound, it could become uncomfortable in the long run.
Siemens hearing aids with the tinnitus control feature can be used as hearing aids alone or in combination with a tinnitus therapy signal.
The modern management of tinnitus involves a number of components; identifying the effects, teaching and demystification, sound enrichment, instrumentation and retraining tactics - the objective being to banish the tinnitus to below the threshold of consciousness. White noise, by its very definition, means equal amounts of all frequencies in the entire frequency spectrum, and while a tinnitus sufferer with a mild hearing loss may not necessarily need a hearing aid, they do interpret white noise differently to individuals with perfect hearing.
It is available in three output levels (60dB standard), and comes in two variations to fit either the left or right ear. From the Latin for 'ringing', tinnitus can best be defined as the conscious experience of noise with no apparent external source.

European studies estimate that between 7 and 14 percent of the population have talked with their doctors about tinnitus, while potentially disabling tinnitus occurs in between 1 and 2.4 percent of people. To enlarge and read the document below, please click on ‘open’ (bottom right hand side), then use the arrows to page through it. You may find that some clinicians will tell you “there is nothing you can do about tinnitus, just get used to it”.
There are various therapies and treatments that can help you manage your tinnitus and reduce its impact on your life. Sometimes worrying about tinnitus can make it more noticeable, so learning to relax can help provide relief.
You may want to take up short courses on mindfulness relaxation or active relaxation exercises such as yoga.
The key idea over here is to find a methodology that is going to help you relax and continue doing it to manage your stress and anxiety.
Increasing the level of background noise where you are can help you to stop focussing on your tinnitus.
Some people find playing low-level sounds from a radio, having a fan running, or a ticking clock is beneficial.
You could try a sound generator, which plays natural noise such as waves breaking, running water or birdsong.
There are machines that can be used to help generate these sounds, but on the other hand there are various applications on your mobile which would give you access to these sounds. Ideally, if you are at a concert a very noisy bar or working with heavy machinery you should use earplugs.
It is important to try to keep active and involved in your usual activities or hobbies as this can help to take your focus away from your tinnitus. Obviously, being as healthy as possible is good for your general wellbeing.  If you find certain foods or drinks, or activities seem to aggravate your tinnitus, consider reducing them.
You might find it helpful to watch a video featuring someone with a twenty year history of tinnitus, who took up one of these therapies.
Where the hearing aid is equipped with a rocker switch for volume and program change control it may be configured in the software to adjust the volume of the tinnitus noise generator. Our comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach identifies and addresses medical, psychological and hearing needs that contribute to tinnitus severity. Lyric allows you to enjoy the benefits of better hearing without anyone ever knowing you’re wearing a hearing aid. These devises help the hearing system concentrate on external sounds by replacing the negative auditory impressions with positive ones. However, some noise generators produce comfortable sounds that can be individually selected by the patient.
They make it easier to listen to external sounds again instead of permanently concentrating on annoying internal sounds.

Your hearing care professional can fine-tune the therapy signal so that can be precisely set to suit you.
Thanks to their flexible programming, some Siemens hearing aids can be used for are hyperacusis treatment and can provide comfort to the wearer. The MM6 fits comfortable within the helix area of the ear, giving a completely open ear for maximum sound collection and ease of use. Tinnitus may be related to medical conditions, but in the elderly it is most commonly associated with hearing loss. It is always advisable to get your ears checked by your GP, an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) doctor, or an audiologist that specialises in tinnitus if you develop the symptoms. They will be able to ensure there is no evidence of an infection, or perhaps an underlying ear condition which needs treatment first. You might find it helpful to try managing your tinnitus yourself, either before or during treatment. Slowing down the rate of breathing and relaxing your muscles are examples of simple relaxation exercises you can try. You can get over the counter ear plugs, but if you find yourself in loud environments regularly you should invest in a pair of custom made earplugs.
There are several therapies available now which have been shown to provide long-term and consistent relief from tinnitus. Alternatively a custom noise profile may be created to suit the patient using individual sound output sliders in the software.
This sound has to be quieter than the tinnitus, so that the brain can be trained to concentrate on outer sounds again and to discontinue the fixation to the inner sound. It diverts attention from the annoying effects of tinnitus and makes it easier to focus on external sounds—reducing strain and helping provide a more peaceful state of mind. These noises may be heard all day or for brief periods at a time, can be noise-induced or due to no apparent root cause, and can be seen by the sufferer as a mild annoyance or a severely debilitating condition. You may find that your health care professional may not have a lot of information with regards to tinnitus, but the important part is that he refers you on to individuals who do.
Overuse can make you more aware of your tinnitus, and more sensitive to normal levels of environmental sounds. You should seek help from a tinnitus specialist who may be able to provide one of these therapies, or help you to choose a hearing device which can also provide relief from tinnitus. These huge variances from case to case make the condition difficult to treat, but contrary to popular myth, help is available. In some cases, hearing aids may be used in combination with other devices masking the sound.

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