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Some time after installation, the car developed what Bees describes as an “intermittent screaming noise.
After eliminating all other possible sources, the drone was traced to an issue with the transmission, torque converter, and fluid lines.
Coincidentally, Bees lives only about a mile away from Mark Sanchez’s Advanced Engineering West (AEW) shop in Mira Loma, California. Sanchez first test-drove the car to verify Bees’ complaint, quickly establishing the problem seemed to occur during the 1–2 shift. AEW’s Mark Sanchez tied up, wrapped, and isolated any item that could rub against the drivetrain or frame—but it made no difference. Next, Sanchez put the car up on jackstands to filter out any road-noise feedback or surface-contact harmonics. At this point, it was time get out Sanchez’s go-to vibration analysis tool: a Steelman Wireless ChassisEAR remote listening device with clamp-on magnetic sensors. With the scope of the problem narrowed, the car went over to Rollings Automotive (also located in Mira Loma) for further inspection, analysis, and teardown.
A makeover before that big first date: Bees was so excited HOT ROD approved his Nova rescue request that he prepped and painted the rusty old primered body. Besides the complete trans in the box, TCI set us everything needed to swap out the questionable assembly: a new Breakaway lockup torque converter, 3 gallons of Max Shift trans fluid, and two cans of trans flush. TCI’s StreetFighter transmissions include special clutches and bands for increased durability, plus heavy-duty sprags and roller clutches for increased holding capacity.
TCI Breakaway converters provide approximately a 2,400- to 2,600-rpm flash stall without negatively affecting part-throttle driving.
The existing trans cooler lines from the original late-model truck were too long to properly fit in the Nova. Incorrect national pipe thread tapered (NPT) fluid-line fittings had been installed in the trans.
The trans fluid line fittings are a special “weird” national pipe thread straight mechanical (NPSM) nontapered thread that seals via an aluminum crush-washer or thread-locking compound. Bees’ late-model 4L60E would have been factory-equipped with Quick-Connects (right) that can be hard to adapt for retrofit installations.

A running engine rocks in the chassis, so proper 400-psi SAE J1019 auto trans hydraulic fluid hose and adapter fittings connect the new steel lines to the radiator’s trans-cooler ports.
Originally purchased as a rolling shell without an engine or a trans, it went through several small-blocks and 700-R4 automatics. Although Sanchez is primarily a Ford specialist, due to his proximity to Bees (“We’re practically neighbors!”), he agreed to evaluate the car and perform the initial diagnostics. He finally traced the noise to the transmission area by using this Steelman Wireless ChassisEAR remote audible listening device.
But driving the car on the stands without the wheels in contact with the road made no difference, either. Rollings examined the Nova and saw that the trans cooler lines were poorly routed, bent, and kinked. He bought the mounts, headers, and trans crossmember from Street & Performance, which also programmed the computer.
A modified lubrication system increases fluid volume to the planetaries and other critical transmission internal parts. The result is a harder launch and quicker wide-open-throttle (WOT) acceleration even on mild engines without sacrificing part-throttle highway cruise-speed efficiency.
Rollings buffed off the paint on the new TCI tranny’s block mating surface to maximize ground integrity.
Its sending unit screwed into an inline tee installed on one of Bees’ original fluid lines. The adapter seals via a nut on the inside and a washer on the outside, but Norm says it can come loose. I thought it was the transmission, but a local trans shop said it was not the trans but the brake booster.
Sanchez relates that “all the ‘experts’ had claimed it couldn’t be the trans—so next we physically searched for external sources.
Checking trans-fluid flow, Norm observed “virtually nothing coming out of the radiator.” He also discovered restrictive screen-style inline fittings installed at the radiator end.
Different pinouts have been used over the years—make sure the pins on the harness connector match those on the receptacle.

TCI raises the line pressure for extra-firm shifts and greater torque capacity with less slippage. As advertised, the trans and converter bolted right in place of Bees’ junkyard truck trans. The ground side always follows the path of least resistance; if the circuit tries to ground out the trans’ back-end, it could arc through and damage the rear bushing, yoke, and driveshaft.
A scarce holdout among a vanishing breed, Rollings is a full-service shop capable of doing everything from late-model stocker repairs to complete frame-up custom street rod and hot rod projects.
Restrictions can cause a hydraulic resonance condition that may have been a cause of the weird noise. There are many variations over the course of the 4L60E’s production run; we advise contacting TCI directly before placing an order.
In this installation, the kit’s 1?8-NPT draincock was replaced by the gauge’s sending unit. I am at a loss since most shops don’t want to look at anything that’s not stock.” The queen Bees—Mike’s wife—kept pushing him to sell it, “but I just want to drive it. But with inconsistent fluid circulation, the long-term longevity of the existing trans and torque converter—salvage-yard takeouts—now also became questionable. You’ll need to transfer the dipstick and tube, the VSS switch, and the shift-linkage to the new trans. In short, we looked for and identified anything that could be rubbing against the drivetrain components or the body.
We try to be the mechanic’s mechanic.” Also brought in for a consult was Julian Nieto, owner of Four C’s Transmission Specialty. We strongly recommend replacing these units as a pair because if one had a problem, odds are that it sent contaminating debris through the other.
Ultimately, TCI came to the rescue with a complete high-perf 4L60E trans and torque converter—but we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

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