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Are the consequences of neonatal hearing loss serious enough that we need to be concerned about them in the first place? Slide #47 shows data from an annual survey done each year by Gallaudet University showing that children with severe profound bilateral losses suffer from substantial deficits in reading comprehension.
Although virtually everyone agrees that severe profound bilateral hearing loss has substantial negative consequences for all aspects of academic performance, the consequences of mild bilateral or unilateral hearing loss are less well known. The data in slide #50 come from the Greater Boston Otitis Media Study Group, where 194 children were followed prospectively for 7 years.
For example, the audiogram on the left depicts a symmetrical hearing loss and the audiogram on the right depicts an assymetrical hearing loss. Age (presbycusis) due to the destruction of the hair cells located in the cochlea that happen naturally as we age.
Chronic diseases such as diabetes causing nerve damage to the auditory nerve, or cochlear nerve. Fluctuating: Hearing impairment changes, bouncing back and forth between good and bad, due to infection or blockage. Diagnosis:Diagnosis of hearing impairment is accomplished through a battery of hearing tests that determine the type of loss, location, and the amount of damage incurred.
Stem cell treatment: Still in the experimental stages of reproducing the hair cells in the cochlea, which are responsible for sending electrical impulses to the brain. Even though any type of discrimination against people with disabilities is against the law, it still happens to people who are hearing impaired. Classic stigmata of congenital syphilis SNHL, interstitial keratitis, Hutchinson teeth (notched incisors), mulberry molars, Clutton joints (bilateral painless knee effusions), nasal septal perforation & saddle deformity& frontal bossing.

Fortunately, there is a wealth of data on this question, and only three very brief examples will be given related to children with severe profound bilateral losses, children with mild bilateral and unilateral losses, and children with fluctuating conductive losses (slide #46). There are, however, a number of studies demonstrating that even mild or unilateral sensorineural hearing loss has substantial negative consequences.
Although virtually all newborn hearing screening programs focus only on identifying children with permanent congenital hearing loss, some children with fluctuating conductive losses are often identified. Each time the child visited his or her primary- care physician, data were collected about episodes of otitis media (there were an average of 7 visits per year during the birth to 3-year-old period). Unilateral means hearing loss in one ear, with normal hearing sensitvity in the other ear.
Tests include: MRI, CT scan, tuning fork (Rinne test), auditory hearing test, audiogram, and Hearing in Noise Test (HINT). Skeletal findings osteochondritis& periostitis of long bones SNHL, interstitial keratitis, Hutchinson teeth (notched incisors), mulberry molars, Clutton joints (bilateral painless knee effusions), nasal septal perforation & saddle deformity& frontal bossing. That gap continues to widen over time, with the average deaf child or youth never exceeding a grade equivalent of 3 years, in spite of the fact that most of them are enrolled in educational programs specifically designed for deaf students. Slide #48 summarizes information about five different students in which a sample of children with unilateral hearing loss were compared to similar children with normal hearing, and measures were taken about their performance in math, language, and social functioning.
The reason for presenting this information is to emphasize the point that even mild fluctuating hearing losses have an important negative effect on developmental outcomes. Data were also collected periodically on a wide variety of measures related to intellectual ability, cognitive functioning, and language competency by trained diagnosticians who were uninformed about the purposes of the study. As shown in slide #49, children with unilateral hearing loss lagged substantially behind their peers regardless of the measure used, whether math, language, or social functioning.

Results at 7 years of age for two groups of children are reported here: those with less than 30 days of otitis media over the 3-year period compared to those with 130 or more days of otitis media over the same period.
Even though the sample sizes are quite small in each of the studies, matching was generally done quite well and the results are very consistent. After statistically adjusting the results for a variety of demographic and socio-economic status variables, children with fewer episodes of otitis media did substantially better than their peers on all measures. I replaced the oil pump on my 2005 Silverado and modified the the flange on the pick up tube just like you did in the video.
The difference averaged about one-half standard deviation, which is equivalent to more than a year's worth of development in reading or math achievement. I had to do a full rebuild on my neighbors Hummer since he did not pay attention to his oil pressure and wrecked the engine.
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