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Glue Ear Clear is a combination of remedies which, in our clinical opinion, are best suited to break down the fluid blocking the Eustachian tube. To order homeopathy from us you must be a patient of The Natural Doctor Direct. Become one through email registration by clicking here. Food intolerances are the number one reason for excess mucous and why kids develop recurrent ear infections. Most GP’s will advise a 3 month period of “watchful waiting” to see if Glue Ear self resolves before referring for Grommet surgery.
As well as the risks involved with General Anaesthetic there is also risk of Ear Drum Perforation and Ear Drum Scarring as well as Infection and Discharge. Puncturing holes in children’s ears is one of the most unnecessary procedures we do in modern medicine. If, after trying these suggestions, you or your child still have glue ear and are still suffering with dulled or selective hearing or recurrent ear infections you should seek help. Legal Medical Disclaimer: Information and statements made on this website and all our associated literature are for educational purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The parents can carry color books, story books, toys that can distract the child from such discomfort.

Hopi Ear CandlesHopi Ear Candling is a safe, relaxing and calming treatment, offering benefits for problems relating to the ear, nose and throat areas.
Hopi Candles are hollow tubes made from cotton, pure beeswax, honey and traditional herbs such as Cammomile, Sage and St John's Wort.
Hopi Ear Candling can be helpful for various conditions including earache, headache, ear wax, tinnitus, glue ear, pressure pain associated with flying and sinus congestion.
Ear candling treatments can leave you de-stressed, with a clear head and a feeling of well-being. Only a few well-designed studies have been done, and most suggest that grommets make little or no difference over time.
The practitioners of The Naturopathic Centre Ltd do not dispense medical advice, prescribe restricted medicines, or diagnose disease. Taking them to the airport, arriving in time, keeping their papers ready, makes them comfortable during the flight and a lot more goes with the parents. Well normally the pressure inside the ear is different compared to the air inside the plane. Suddenly when the flight takes off the air pressure changes and one feels quite uncomfortable.

Therefore, parents should make their children sit with them, hold them and hug them only when possible. Parents must make sure to follow these very essential guidelines to avoid the children’s ear pain during flights. It happens as the Eustachian tubes of the children’s are quite narrow and it can’t have free air flowing into it which causes discomfort. We are not responsible for the content or products of any linked site or any link contained in a linked site.
Well to lessen the discomfort one may try the much loved and popular inflated balloon which keeps the air level same both inside and outside the ear.

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