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Jewelry Making Journalfree jewelry tutorials, plus a friendly community sharing creative ideas for making and selling jewelry.
Usually I sell at juried craft shows and online, but I’ve gotten creative in the recent past. I sent out an oversized postcard, color front and back, showcasing my earrings, and the call to action was to give me a call to request a lunch time jewelry show. I would show up with several baskets of earrings, set the baskets out on the lunch tables, and let the ladies go wild.
The earrings are displayed on pretty paper, complete with a price and what materials they’re made of, but then slipped inside plastic sleeves so nothing will damage the jewelry.
I use the paper displays at my shows, so keeping them clean of mustard or grease spots is important.
Why don’t I set up the earrings on a rotating display or some other creative, traditional display? I’ve gotten creative with MOO cards and business cards, tying little buttons or beads to the them to make them stand out. I make sure to have great packaging – I don’t know HOW many times my purple bags and pink boxes have gotten just as many comments as the jewelry! I believe that you should have pride in jewelry from beginning to end, and that end is handing it over to their new owner.
I use scratch-off stickers, like the ones used on lottery tickets, on the postcards I mail out.
It works particularly well when you give the lottery card out at the end of a show sale and the discount is for a future web site sale.
And I can’t tell you what that good feeling can do – it can carry you through a rough show a lot better than chocolate can! I really like your creative marketing idea, and I think the colorful packaging makes the jewelry more special. Once again Lori you have been so generous to share your business savy and jewelry success tips. And you just write or print your discount code on a spot on your card where the label will cover it (if you print it, you may have to experiment a bit to get the spacing correct). Yes, I did send cold-call letters to the doctor’s offices, addressed to the office manager, who, like the stereotype or not, is likely to be a woman. I know you have three baskets of earrings in the lunch room for the ladies to sort through, but are you there at noon too to take the orders, collect the money? Another question…Do the offices where you sell ever expect some share of your profits, or do you offer?
Not that your jewelry wouldn’t speak for itself, but how do you word your flier to get office managers interested in hosting you? The flier is worded as succinctly as possible — too many words, and no one is going to read.

I was thinking last year that I would love to get into some big companies and bring jewelry for them to look at and buy but I didn’t think about a postcard…love it, now I need to get the courage to do it!!! Get every strategy and secret I've learned from years of selling my handmade jewelry at shows. Jewelry Studio Space: Re-use and recycle to re-organize your jewelry workspace!by Dianne Culbertson. Copyright © 2003-2016, Rena Klingenberg (or guest author named in article byline), and may not be reproduced without author's permission. I would only have 3 days to create enough pieces to fill a 10 x 10 booth, as well as find some non-yardsale looking displays for it all! In between each piece of jewelry that I was hurriedly making, I would take a break to work on the rest of my booth. The most difficult task seemed to be finding a way to display all of the many earring pairs (all dangles of course) I had and was making more of. My first obstacle here was that I did not possibly have time to make display cards, hang the earrings on them, price them, and find a way to show them all without over-cluttering my space.
Some of the pieces that hold the brass to the iron were missing as were some of the doo-hickies that kept level, but the parts needed to make it fold into 3 sections were all working and the three panels were still perfect.
I managed to rummage up one single can that was almost full of satin black spray paint, and squeezed out enough to completely cover the entire piece so that it was (roughly) all one color.
After the paint dried, I folded the screen into a long pyramid so that one of the sides was the base, one side was the back, and the third side I would use to hang all of my earring pairs from.
I hung plain black cards with silver pricing hand written on them, right next to each pair of earrings, with a tiny piece of wire. So not to be to over-cluttered, I would replace each pair sold with a new pair that was priced the same as the sold pair. It worked rather well in a pinch, and I now plan to incorporate the display into all of my future booth setups.
Because the fireplace screen earring display has a flat, sturdy base, I can load it full of earrings and slide it right into my car as is. Thanks to the diamond shape of the screen holes, the earrings stay in place quite nicely, even without the rubber earring backs!!
I’m so impressed with your efforts to get totally ready for a show, practically from scratch, in just 3 days. Thanks for sharing your great idea to re-finish and repurpose your old fireplace screen – it made a perfect earring rack.
I made earring display cards with scrapbooking paper (purchased in multi-colored strips pre-cut the width of the card, also from Hobby Lobby), and I have added colorful detail to many of them with peel & stick scrapbooking papers.
What a wonderful and lovely way to display your jewelry at a higher level, so people don’t have to bend over to see it! If I were to buy a folding screen (great idea!) I would paint it an overall ivory or black color so that the contrasting dark wood sections don’t distract from the jewelery itself.

Using a consistent colored tag for each piece of jewelry could also add to the attractiveness of the display.
Just had another idea…use one bright color at a time, with plenty of bright lightening to illuminate your designs.
I try to catch customers before they re-insert them and tell them I’d be happy to replace them on the screen for them.
Also, we wrap the screen in a furniture blanket when we transport it to reduce potential for tearing.
Sometimes a customer buys a bracelet and there’s a pair of earrings that goes with it. This is a brilliant idea and your keeping it simple and quick and low pressure is the equation.
I have several discount codes for various levels so there is an excitement-factor during the scratch-off. I stayed during the lunch and wrote up invoices, made change, and ran credit cards as sales were made.
The goal for a good display is to drive the customer’s focus to the individual pieces of jewelry.
Here’s a thought, pick your colors from the color wheel so that they are in harmony with each other, maybe choosing 3 max.
My husband has made supports of wrought iron that slip onto the bottom of the screen and support it.
I would stick to just one or two bright colors, you want your beautiful jewelry to stand out. I work in a rather competitive profession where trade secrets are guarded jealously, and jewelry is soooo different; thanks again! I would love to try this, but I am not sure I could keep enough earrings in stock to make it work. I’m just getting started with making jewelry as a serious business and I am learning so much. I would be afraid that it would get knocked over by someone trying to take the earrings off to get a better look at them, or too many people at once looking and touching. I guess one solution would be to round the corners — thanks for helping me think of that! Once again, I appreciate any feedback and thanks so much for sharing such wonderful, helpful information.

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