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Welcome to the iHATEheadaches website, please upgrade your Flash Plugin and enable JavaScript. There are many other causes of headaches, but there are just some of the more popular ones. Having said all of that, it makes more sense that so many people in America are getting frequent  headaches. I'm very familiar with constant migraines - as a child I would get migraines 1-2 times a week. According to these findings, women are more likely to feel stress (or at least to report it) and are more likely than men to experience the physical symptoms that go along with stress, such as headaches. This is very interesting as i have noticed myself getting more frequently and powerful head aches then men I am around.
I found this post very interesting because I too used to suffer from frequent migraine headaches.
Researchers analyzed data of 5,519 participants aged 21-71 years, and found that an increase in stress was associated with an increase in the number of headaches participants suffered each month.
Survey participants reported their stress levels and headaches quarterly from 2010-2012, as part of the German Headache Consortium Study.
The data showed that, for each type of headache, an increase on the stress scale was tied to an increase in the number of headaches per month.
It’s the first study to show that  stress has an influence on headaches, according to the researchers. TTH and migraine are characterized by different symptoms – TTH by mild-to-moderate headache intensity and dull, tightening pain and migraine by unilateral, severe pulsating headache accompanied by nausea, vomiting and light and sound sensitivity.
Researchers said their findings show the importance of stress management for people who suffer TTH or migraine. The very common causes of frequent headaches are viral infection, sinusitis, musculo-skeletal conditions, migraine, fatigue and headache, stress and other forms of tension. When a headache strikes, the most common form of relief is an over-the-counter medication such as Tylenol, ibuprofen, aspirin or pain relieving medications that contain caffeine. Nausea, vomiting or the feeling that light bothers the eyes or sound bothers the ears are some of the most common symptoms that comes up with frequent headaches. Headaches can also be caused because of infections, vision problems, odd levels of blood pressure, neurological problems, muscle weakness, improper ear balance or serious problems such as tumor, blood clots, etc. Guarana may be an effective short-term treatment for headaches, according to the University of Colorado Denver College of Pharmacy.
Guarana tea is made from the berries of the guarana plant, a bush native to the Amazon river basin.
Hi, we are Kenny Foong and Eunice Chow, Personal Wellness Coach cum Herbalife Malaysia Independent Distributor from Puchong, Selangor Malaysia.
It is estimated that 80 to 90 percent of the population suffer from tension headaches at least some time in their lives. According to the John Hopkins School of Public Health, More than 4% of the US population suffers form frequent headaches. If their theory is correct, this triggering mechanism may be a new target for migraine treatment.
As a kid I didn't want to take any medicine for the pain, so I'd lay on my parent's bathroom floor until I got sick and fell asleep.

One reason women get more stressed could be because of increased levels of estrogen, such as this article explains. I think an interesting addition to this maybe how our increased use of technology ( laptops,tablets,iphones ect.) for prolonged periods can affect the frequency and pain off headaches? The findings were presented at the American Academy of Neurology’s Annual Meeting in Philadelphia on Wednesday. A total of 31 percent had tension-type headaches, 14 percent had migraine and 11 percent had migraine combined with tension-type headache. In a prospective study we can confirm … what we always hear from our patients,” Schramm said. There are various causes of regular headaches which are triggered in different ways for each person. However meningitis, blood pressure, strokes and brain tumors are also linked to causes of regular headaches. But you need to be careful as the misuse of these medications can case headaches to develop. Some people are more inclined to a certain type of headache such as cluster headaches, migraine headaches or tension headaches which occur more often than other types of headaches, however anyone who suffers from a headache, suffers from the same thing which is agony.
One practice that can be used to prevent headaches would be to limit the use of pain relievers when headaches occur such that the intake is limited to only twice a week.
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However, guarana is not recommended for treatment of chronic headache, and should not be taken for more than seven days in a row, in order to reduce the risk of side effects such as nausea, anxiety, irritability and increased heart rate. Indigenous peoples of the Amazon rainforest have used guarana as an herbal medicine to treat many ailments, including headache. These headaches are far more debilitating than the typical tension type headaches accounting for more lost time.
They present with a sudden onset, and usually go as quickly as they start.  Less than one percent of the population suffers these types of headaches. This is primarily due to patients overestimating or miscalculating the number of days and episodes of headaches that actually occur. The study also showed that frequent headaches are nearly twice as common in women than in men. These findings came through controlled experiments, so I think the results are a pretty good explanation of why women feel more stressed than men, which could directly relate to headaches.
Participants with tension-type headaches rated their stress at an average of 52 out of 100, while migraine rated at 62 out of 100.
The point to which the headache lasts and the strength of the pain will also alter for each individual. As the cycle continues, headaches will occur more frequently and you will need more and more medication to quell the pain. The only way of diagnosing the type of frequent headache one suffers through would be through the description of symptoms felt by the sufferer. More than eight million Americans visit their doctor for complaints of headache each year. Most studies simply record how many people seek medical assistance for their headaches and do not attempt to record every headache ever experienced.

Caucasians had more frequent heacaches then african americas, and lastly, those with less than a high school diploma suffered from headaches more than those with higher education.
I still get bad headaches pretty frequently, but nothing like it used to be, and of course now I'm always willing to pop a few Advil to make the pain go away.
As i have gotten older, the pain has gotten worse- to the point where no medication over the counter can give me relief.
This may be a more gender neutral subject, and very relavent to our and future generations as we increase technology use.
Oftentimes frequent headaches occur because of the type of foods consumed, so a good diet is invariably the best way to go about triggering a food induced headache. Pediatric specialist in migraine and headaches exist should be consulted for treatment and other precautionary & preventive measures.
After the diagnosis, the doctor prescribes medication or will ask to take over the counter medicines. We are glad to share some health tips, discovery and perhaps our personal experiences, to make you feel more empowered to make your lifestyle healthier. It was definitely not easy for my pediatrician to pinpoint a cause of my migraines, but after a few months of awful ones during the summer, we started thinking it had something to do with being out in the sun for long periods of time.
We were shocked that with modern day medicine there was no answer or cure for this frequent pain a pre-teen was experiencing. Exercising regularly can reduce the amount of headaches as exercising helps to eliminate toxic waste from your body. If the rate of headache becomes more frequent, like more than twice a month, doctor’s appointment should be taken instantly. Maintaining a log about the child’s headache frequencies, pain location, time of occurrence, symptoms, etc.
According to a study, children who face headaches and migraine take overdose of over the counter medicines for immediate pain reliving. You mention dehydration in your post, but a lesser known cause is bright lights and sunlight - according to Mayo Clinic, they can also induce migraines!
They have proscribed me glasses, allergy medication, and slightly changed my diet in oder to give me relief.
Either way, it is best that you become aware of the causes of frequent headaches before trying to prevent them. I have been able to get some relief, but i still get pretty intense migraines and tension headaches.
If they become cranky, restless, irritating, tired, is having sleeping disorders and is not eating properly, a problem surely exists. I drank a lot of milk as a kid and I learned that recent research has showed that milk can actually have a mild opiate effect which later causes headaches. I have also noticed that when I do get migraines it is actually due to the opposite of drinking too much caffein. It would be interesting to look into how the brain becomes addicted to products such as caffein and how it has withdraw symptoms.

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