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A new challenger steps in the niche market… ring of portable consoles built to run emulators of older systems. The GCW-Zero runs on OpenDingux, a Linux distribution that was originally made for Dingoo’s gaming handhelds. Retro games are great, and if youa€™re tired of all these new games and consoles, you might be interested in a different kind of console that lets you play retro video games on the go. GCW-Zero is a portable gaming console that is designed to run retro games, and according to the reports, it can run everything up to PlayStation games. GCW-Zero sounds great, especially if youa€™re a fan of retro video games, and you want to enjoy them on the go.
With this handheld, the issue is more which buttons it doesn’t have than the configuration of the ones it does. The GCW Zero comes preloaded with a variety of games that offer some quality gaming right from the start.
There are forums available online, but an average gamer without much in the way of open source experience will likely be rather confused at the lack of instruction available with the device – no manual in the box, no helpful paper telling you where to find instructions online, no tutorial built into the device. You are complaining about the lack of options to turn off the device or adjust the volume using the buttons. The lack of manual in the box is absolutely to be blamed for your lack of insight into this feature, however the nature of the device as an open source platform and the firmware constantly evolving with new features and modifications to the existent ones prevented us from including a printed manual.
At the moment I write this message, we are working on an online documentation in form of a wiki site.
I should also mention that at the moment GCW Zero is not available for retail sale and was only distributed to KickStarter pledgers, who were well informed that the product is not consumer ready and their money is going to fund the developement. As I mentioned in the review, I would love to have seen this be a more accessible approach to open source. We offer you the finest value, quality craftsmanship, a wide selection of styles and innovative design options to customize your entire home. But like the relatively famous Pandora handheld, the GCW-Zero aims not just to let players enjoy old games but also let those with programming skills tweak and play with its software.
But if you think this is the portable videogame museum for you, pledge at least $135 (USD) on its Kickstarter fundraiser to reserve a unit. As for the hardware, this console uses 1GHz MIPS processor, and it runs on open source Linux-based operating system called OpenDingux. GCW-Zero started as Kickstarter project, and it will be available for sale someday in May with a price of $159.

It has a boxy shape with a matte black finish, and is close in size to a large smart phone (which makes it easily tucked into a purse or backpack for gaming on the go).  But this isn’t your average gaming device. The setup of a handheld can affect everything response time in game to performance under (pocket) pressure.
The power on slider is located on the right side of the device, but there isn’t a power off button, or even a battery level indicator.
The screen isn’t overly scratch prone, and the device holds up well to standard use, even with the inevitable occasional drops to the floor. From puzzle games to shooters to platformers to rpgs, the included games are meant to show you what the device can do – and it’s impressive. You’re pretty much on your own, and even things like connecting the device to wifi are perhaps more work than they needed to be.
Lack of dedicated buttons for things like power down and volume are minor inconveniences that, when added to buttons that stick really affect your enjoyment of the device. It would go obsolete very quickly, especially with some radical changes we have already planned out for future firmware upgrades. Full documentation of the product in user friendly way cannot be expected at this stage of the project. My husband is a Linux junkie and web developer, and all of our household is open source friendly.
It also has a microSD slot that supports micro SDHC cards up to 32 GB or micro SDXC cards up to 64 GB, a mini-USB port and a mini-HDMI 1.3 out, which is a nice surprise. Can you imagine just how much money Nintendo, Sony, Sega and the other old guards would make if they put their heads (and licenses) together and released an all-conquering retro handheld? Designed on an open source platform, the GCW Zero is meant to be played with and customized to a level that is rarely seen.
To turn the device off, and to adjust volume, you must access the settings screen on the device. With an open source platform, there are endless options for games and more to be added, provided you have either have the expertise or the desire to learn. While this is could conceivably be considered a plus for those already familiar with the platform, I can’t help but think it’s a wasted opportunity to draw more gamers in to the open source community. While the button issues resolve somewhat with extended use, it’s something that frankly should never be an issue with this type of device, even for a little while. I was aware there was supposed to be a volume shortcut, but on the device I have it simply does not work, at all, so I felt it wasn’t worth mentioning.

I have reviewed many a hardware that simply includes basic items (such as button shortcuts) and a link to the website, where FAQs and more in depth commentary can be found.
Even from that standpoint, there are many things on the GCW-Zero that are just more complicated than they needed to be, without much benefit to the user.
The controls are mostly what you’d expect – a d-pad, an analog nub, 4 face buttons, 2 shoulder buttons, select and start buttons – except the GCW-Zero also has an accelerometer, so it supports tilt controls. All that you need in order to play your favorite game is to find it, load up the emulator, and youa€™re good to go.
Linux fans may well rejoice at the opportunity to play in more than one sense.  But is this a device that can make open source accessible to a wide audience, or is it simply a toy for a niche crowd? Having dedicated buttons for these functions is the norm for good reason – it’s just much more convenient. They feel a bit flimsy to the touch, and have a tendency to stick – a real issue when playing certain games. Still, knowledgeable users are getting a lot of bang for their buck in a device that puts the power of open source into your hands, your pockets, your purse – this is a relatively inexpensive device that gives the convenience of portability to an open source playground. The power down shortcut worked only half the time, with the other half eiither not powering down at all, or entering a sleep type mode that darkened the screen yet drained the battery.
The screen is naturally centered in the middle of the device, with a directional pad and stick on the left. While it isn’t something that would make me shy away from purchasing a device, it is one of those things that is an annoyance on a regular basis.
As they didn’t work, I found using the menu options to be the only viable ones, and they are inconvenient. To the right of the screen, you have your x,y,a,b buttons, with “select” and “start” below them. While this seems to resolve a bit with extended use, it certainly isn’t an issue you expect to encounter in your shiny new handheld. The top of the device holds the left and right shoulder buttons, as well as TV-OUT and HDMI hookups. This sort of setup feels pretty familiar right from the start, and makes playing the GCW Zero a task that doesn’t really need any settling in period.

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