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When we arrived in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), just over 10 years ago, the Indian guy from my company who collected us from the airport chatted the whole way to the hotel, giving us a detailed introduction to the country, culture, and society, while extolling the virtues of living in Dubai compared to Abu Dhabi, where we'd just moved.
Although Abu Dhabi now boasts a few big swanky shopping centers, Dubai, with its scores of malls and atmospheric bazaars is still the region's King of Shopping. The Dubai Shopping Festival, or DSS as we call it locally, has become much more than a festival of shopping. Dubai Shopping Festival became so popular that they started a summer equivalent called Summer Surprises. Keep in mind, though, it's a sweltering 45C (113 F) degrees outside, your glasses fog up each time you step out of the hotel or taxi, and the whole time you're there you'll feel like you're in a giant sauna or God has placed a big blow heater above Dubai. They're a place for socializing, for meeting up with friends for coffee, a movie or bowling, for hanging out with the family at a fun fair or eatery, for slipping on the skiis to swoosh down the slopes in preparation for winter, or heading to the gym, spa or beauty salon to get into shape for the summer. If I had to choose one mall out of the city's scores of shopping centers, it would be the opulent Mall of the Emirates.
While Dubai boasts an abundance of sleek shopping malls, the bustling souqs (Middle Eastern-style bazaars) are actually what Dubai has historically been famous for. The city's souqs may not be the region's most attractive -- get images of Marrakesh or Istanbul out of your head -- but they're just as atmospheric and easily as fun. English expats take visiting guests to gawk at the glittering gold souq, Indian expats buy saris and textiles from home, while expat workers from Afghanistan and Bangladesh stock up on basic goods to take home, from woollen blankets to cheap kids' clothes.
Dubai's best buys are the things we associate with shopping the Middle East -- carpets, textiles, perfume, spices, gold, frankincense and myrrh.
Deira's Covered Souqs are the place to shop for bellydancing outfits, traditional costumes, sheesha pipes, and at the Gold Souq, anything that glitters.
This stunning, air-conditioned, contemporary incarnation of a souq is the place to head when you can't face the chaos of the real souqs, the heat has got too much for you, you're not in the mood for bargaining, or, when you decide to refuel, you want to have a cold beer or glass of wine with your lunch. At this beautiful "Old Arabian" styled shopping center with wooden arcades, wind-towers, and lovely courtyards, you can shop in comfort for fine quality carpets, handicrafts, souvenirs and gifts, and the best stores for those are Lata's, National Iranian Carpets, the Pride of Kashmir, and Al-Jaber Gallery. Dubai may have made its fortunes on the import-export trade, but there's actually some wonderful stuff produced in Dubai by Emiratis, and one of the standouts of interest to shoppers is its homegrown fashion. The black and white Palestinian keffayah or red and white gutra (Arab men's headdresses) are all the rage in Europe right now, but Raghda was the first to use them to produce cute skirts, handbags and clutch purses.
Shopping in Dubai is most fun at night when the locals go out to shop, so even if you don't like shopping you can enjoy some people watching instead.
From the Gold Souk in Dubai: There are more than 300 jewellers situated in the strip and in the afternoon and early evening the streets are alive with people from all over the world visiting the city of gold. My favourite dream and desire is to be let loose in a jewellery shop full of gold ornaments. I had read somewhere that Kerala people are most obsessed about four things, gold, coconut, fish, and liquor (not applicable to females). Gold is obtained from ores and separated from rock and other metals by drilling, melting, furnacing, and refining into the yellow metal.
Gold is mixed with other metals and alloys and carats are allotted to determine what percentage of purity they have.
The price of gold has increased steadily over the last 15 years and continues to increase so as more and more people realize it to be a safe investment option. Domestic gold prices, which hovered at Rs 5,060 (per ten grams) in 1996 have now crossed Rs. Apart from buying 24 K bullions and 22 K gold ornaments, nowadays, there has been a steep increase in demand for 24 K and 22 K gold coins because there are no “making charge” loses with gold coins.
With gold finance companies like Muthoot and Manapparum, you can pledge your 22 K and 24 K gold and get finance for as low as 1 to 2%. I love wearing gold jewellery and I only buy 22-K hallmarked 916 jewellery from reputed gold showrooms. Well, send him to IIT all the same; there are so less girls there that he would become priest anyway. Hey Uzma…there is Khazana Jewellery in Begumpet and Malabar Gold in the same area that sells 916 hallmarked gold.

Connaught Place jewellery shops are located almost everywhere including the Inner and Outer Circles, Palika Bazaar, Janpath and more. Tanishq Showroom: One of India’s leading jewellery shop chains, Tanishq carries a wide assortment of jewellery for every occasion and in wide price ranges.
Neelkanth Jewellers: A favourite among many since the 1960’s, Neelkanth Jewellers located in N-14, Connaught Circus offers both precious metal jewellery as well as semi-precious jewellery.
Silver World: Silver World is reasonably priced and it offers a wide selection of silver jewellery for both man and women.
Jewels By Rakesh Khanna: Situated in H11 Middle Circle Connaught Place, Jewels By Rakesh Khanna is also another very popular jewellery shop in Delhi.
Sure, it's the huge discounts, crazy promotions, citywide sales, and raffles with Porsches as the prize that get us excited.
It's still warm enough to swim and tan by day, but in the evenings you need to pop a pashmina around your shoulders.
Even more family-oriented, as the kids are on school holidays, there's a festival mascot called Modhesh which looks like a yellow bicycle pump. This sumptuous shopping center is one of the city's largest, but also one of its most beautiful, with polished marble floors, spacious avenues and a stunning skylight. The Deira covered market was once the Arabian Gulf's largest - remember, Dubai has been a trading port for several centuries. Gritty and ramshackle, they're not just for tourists, they're where the real people shop for everyday things. It's not a requirement, as in Cairo, Istanbul or Marrakech -- if you don't want to play simply ask the price, you'll be told a price, and you can pay that price.
Bur Dubai's Textile Souq sells Indian saris, vibrant fabrics, spangly Aladdin slippers, Dubai t-shirts, and Arabian 'antiques'.
The biggest local name is quirky young Dubai-born designer Raghda Bukhash, who creates fabulous fashion under her Pink Sushi label, by playfully appropriating traditional Emirati culture and symbols. You can buy her hip fashion from chic fashion boutique, Amzaan, owned by local princess Sheikha Maisa al-Qassimi. This means you'll end up eating late and hitting the pillow late, but what are days for if not dozing in the sun by the hotel swimming pool? I am not at all fond of diamond or platinum jewellery, but it may just be the case of sour grapes you know. Kerala’s tryst with gold dates back to the ancient times of spice trading when European traders would trade their gold with spices such as cardamom, pepper, cinnamon, etc.
Gold in its pure form (24 Carat) is brittle and cannot be used for making ornaments or jewelry. Much before stock markets and mutual funds came into existence, land and gold were the most favoured choices for one to invest in. Gold’s anti-inflammatory properties also decrease skin inflammation thereby slowing down melanin secretion and reducing age spots. I would like to clarify – I ABSOLUTELY HATE WEARING GOLD…THE LESSER THE BETTER!!!!! Connaught Place has everything from top designer stores to dirt cheap local clothing, electronic, art and crafts and so much more. These shops offer gold jewellery, silver, diamonds and other precious stones and metal jewellery. Be it a gold ring or a necklace, diamonds or any other precious metal jewellery, you will find it here. In those days, Abu Dhabi didn't even have a mall so we had to drive to Dubai to do any real shopping, like buy an espresso machine for the apartment. But there's also entertainment for the kids, street fairs with food stalls, nightly fireworks, and at the Heritage and Diving Village, traditional performances and cultural activities.
The big disadvantage is that this it's high season (and conference season) so hotels are expensive and you need to book well ahead. A summer version of DSS, held annually from the end of June to the end of August, there are sales all over the city, but the major advantage of the summer festival -- if you can drag yourself away from the Olympics -- is that hotel rooms sell at rock-bottom prices.

It boasts the best selection of shops, with several swellegant department stores, including swish Harvey Nichols, dozens of chic boutiques, exclusive designer stores, fantastic shoe and accessory stores, cosmetics supermarkets, a massive Virgin Megastore and Borders bookshop, cinemas and theater, art galleries, a theater, Ski Dubai (yes, that huge indoor ski slope you've read so much about), and superb restaurants, including Emporio Armani Caffe and Almaz by Momo (by Mourad Mazouz of Momo London fame), bars (Apres), and a hotel, the swanky Kempinski Mall of the Emirates. In Deira and Bur Dubai's souqs, Emirati girls shop for fake Yves Saint Laurent shaylahs (headscarfs), their mothers haggle for stainless steel pot sets, their grandmothers buy oud (aromatic wood that's lit like incense), while their brothers, husbands and dads bargain for the latest digital gadgets.
Dubai's Spice Souq may be small and a lot more touristy now than it once was, but a stroll here is an aromatic assault on the senses -- great buys include tiny boxes of saffron, frankincense (the sticky golden rocks of resin in the big sacks), incense burners, and do-it-yourself henna kits.
Karama Souq is not so much a souq but a rather shabby shopping center, but it's the best place for discounted souvenirs from the region: Arabian bronze and copper coffee pots, engraved trays and Aladdin lamps, Yemeni khanjars (daggers), Bedouin silver jewellery from Oman, colorful Moroccan lamps, sequinned and beaded cushion covers and bedspreads from India, and mother-of-pearl inlaid boxes and furniture from Syria. You'll also find fashion, jewellery, leather and accessories, and dozens of restaurants, cafes and bars where you relax and ponder your purchases, make new shopping lists, or assess the damage to the credit card. Other independently owned boutiques stocking local Dubai fashion as well as interesting international labels include Five Green, Ginger&Lace, and S*uce. My leaning towards gold is more because I am allergic to any other kind of metal and develop rashes if I wear artificial jewellery.
If you are coming here to enjoy jewellery shopping, Connaught Place sweep you off your feet with is range of stores. Whether are looking for wedding jewellery or to just gift someone special or an special occasion like birthdays, anniversary and so on, you will find it all.
Besides, silver jewellery one can also find silver jewellery with precious stones and semi-precious stone. But if you pay the first price you're given, understand you're probably paying double the value. It stimulates cellular growth of the basal layer to regenerate healthy, firm skin cells and provide a tightening effect.
However small the ornament may be, the 916 hallmark is always marked on the piece, so no excuse should be accepted. He is got a big forhead, elders from our family say that people with big forhead have badiiiii kismat, means acchi kismat wale! Shoppers planning to do jewellery shopping in Connaught Place will find almost all the top international as well as national jewellers to local jewellery stores. Just like any other popular shopping areas, jewellery shops in Connaught Place also offers various discounts on major festival times like Holi, Diwali, Christmas and New Year. It's probably still a bargain compared to what you'd pay back home, but you can get it for a whole lot less, and have fun in the process if you bargain.
Throughout our growing years until our marriages took place, she was always worried whether she had collected enough gold for us to be worn on that day and I am shamelesslely confessing that neither me nor my sister wore a single piece of artificial jewellery for our respective marriages. Their varieties also include everything from super expensive jewellery to fake metal jewellery.
If you are planning to enjoy jewellery shopping in Connaught Place, check out these stores. The sales guy won't welcome you back when you later realise his offer was a good deal and he'll probably spread the word around the market so you get ripped off elsewhere. Cadmium added gold is considered pure because the cadmium added jewels when reheated or beaten up nothing is lost, and the result we get is pure gold. While bargaining in the souqs is acceptable, it's not in a mall, unless it's at a carpet shop.
At small independently owned electronics, computer or camera shops, you can ask for discounts, but offer 50% less and you'll be laughed out of the store. Even during the recession time, when markets were tumbling and the world was in crisis, mallus continued to buy gold and deck their daughters up in golden splendor.

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