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John Hardy is one of the first companies to take a position on global warming to offset the carbon emissions of its print advertising, business travel and electricity by planting bamboo in Bali. For each piece sold from the bamboo collection, a number of bamboo seedlings will be planted by John Hardy. They're strung with cascading chains suspended between a polished stud and bamboo-style bar.
The Nina earrings are gold plated hoops with a series of gold plated, rectangular pendants attached. The feather is symbolic of spiritual evolution and moving freely in life, a sign of ascension.

All gold items are sterling silver with a generous 2 micron thick layer of 18ct yellow gold or 18ct rose gold as recommended by the UK hallmarking council.
Jewellery care: Sterling silver naturally tarnishes when exposed to air, lotions and potions and chemicals such as chlorine.
You can keep your silver sparkling by regularly cleaning with a soft polishing cloth (or a little soapy water and soft toothbrush). Whilst gold plated jewellery will not tarnish, over time it may appear dirty or slightly dull.
To keep all of your silver shining and gold gleaming we recommend the following; Put your jewellery on last when dressing to minimise exposure to perfumes and body lotions.

He crafts the sterling silver earrings by hand with a rope motif centered by a hammered section.
Designed to resemble bamboo, this contemporary piece has three hoops that curve around to the front.

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