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Kumihimo is the current craze and we have a huge selection of Kumihimo braiding products at excellent prices including the Beadsmith Kumihimo discs.
Wire wrapping Polished Stones is a great way to easily make jewelry with your tumbled stones.  On this page we show a section of wire wrapped gems currently available for sale on eBay plus discuss the tools you will need to do wire wrapping yourself.
Wire wrapping offers unlimited design possibilities as well as a fast turnaround for your jewellery making. The tools for wire wrapping jewellery are bent nose pliers, Swiss pattern file, wire cutters, ring mandrel and a scale to bind and twist your wire together. Wire for jewellery wrapping comes in a number of different metal types; brass, copper, fine silver, sterling silver, 9 or 18 carat solid gold wire, or gold-filled (brass centre with real gold on the surface).
The thickness of the wire is classified by its Gauge – the lower the number the thicker the wire.

Orange rose hair vine with bronze crystals on gold wire and it perfectly complimented my wedding dress. This jewellery making technique is easy to learn and perform at home as only simple Jewellery Making Tools are needed. It is great for Tumble Polished stones as you can wrap almost any shape of stones to make an attractive looking piece.
These can be bought from specialist jewellery suppliers or from eBay which is where we buy all our jewellery making tools. Square wire is usually used for wrapping pendants, half round wire for wrapping ring shanks, while the round wire is usually used for making earrings and rings. Wire jewellery wrapping usually uses wire of a thickness between 8-gauge (thick) to 26-gauge (thin).

The most common techniques are wire twisting, wrapping a wire bundle, flattening or crimping, scrolling, and shaping. I strung the 4 mm emerald green, light green and aqua faceted round Czech fire polished crystals on the wire before crocheting it, so they are capture and appear to float in the chain. Simple pieces can look very attractive and command a good price on a jewellery stall or selling online.
For more information about the Best types of jewellery pliers for wire wrapping stones - visit our guide to buying jewellery pliers.

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