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From June 23, 2014 on I'm updating this Golden Earring and solo members cd-singles overview.
August 18, 2014 - Started working again on updating the Golden Earring cd-single discography on this website today.In the past few months a lot of progress is made but still many releases to update and transfer details from the original RRR4 files on paper.
Track Listing: The Truth About Arthur, Circus Will Be In Town In Time, Crystal Heaven, Sam And Sue, I've Just Lost Somebody, Mr.
I just bought Naked II cd, 2003 rerelease on Universal label, with different label colours layout!

I'm converting all the old Record Research Report files from Version 4 to online files now. If you have additions, updates or find an error please e-mail webmaster Casper Roos your information!
Recorded at Last Blast concert for Last Blast Of The Century album promotion only, no official single release. Typo on cd-cover: Twilight Zone written by George Kooymans alone instead of Kooymans\Hay as mentioned on the cover.

On the 4track cd-maxisingle (Universal 019 959-2) the tracks The Hammer Of Love, Skyscraper-Hell Of A Town and Lost And Found are added.

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